Steven Moffat's "Inside Man

Steven Moffat’s “Inside Man” Release Date, Episode Count

Inside Man Release Date, Episode Count: Steven Moffat’s new venture titled “Inside Man” starring David Tennat, Stanley Tucci & Lydia West for which the plot still remains quite secretive and for good enough reason.

The 4-part British Series is to air on 27th September and well, the first episode of the series is out now and the rest will come in the upcoming days, daily ending on Friday, 30th September 2022.

Steven Moffat is not an ordinary name when it comes to British Dramas because he has written for some of the most famous works such as DOCTOR Who & head writer for Sherlock (2011) and that creates all the hype for this new series and not only that, it does include a stellar cast of David Tennant & Stanley Tucci.

From what we’ve seen in the trailer, Stanley Tucci is playing a Death Row inmate in the US while David Tennant plays a Vicar in an English Town thousands of miles away. Lydia West is playing a journalist.

From what little information we got, the story is about how a woman trapped inside a cellar under an English Vicarage which is David Tennant crosses paths with the Death Row Inmate from the US, in the most unexpected of ways. From the poster, we can make it out to be quite bloody & dark.


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