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A Trip To Infinity Review: Intertwined Discussion of Science

A Trip To Infinity Review: “What is the point” is what we ask ourselves and people when we are down, right? Well, if you looked at it from a broader view, what is even the point of life, our existence? Well, we do not know.

This question forever has confused philosophers and thinkers, it even baffles Physicists and Scientists who research Infinity and the unknown corners of the Universe. The Netflix Documentary titled “A Trip To Infinity” talks about that but in detail with lots of humor and information.

Our Universe is an endless spectrum of knowledge and what happens there in those deepest darkest corners is still a mystery to mankind while we are uncovering some of them slowly, thanks to our curiosity there’s far more to learn and that is what we get from this informative documentary that talks about what infinity is, goes deep into the topic of wormholes and quantum theories but takes a humorous turn to explain some complicated stuff quite easily.

But it isn’t until the end we are met by the factor which makes it a must watch and that is, in the broader scheme of the universe, we are nothing but a small blip, the Universe has been here long before we came, and will be there long after we’re gone so what is the point of mankind? To this deep question, one panelist had a remarkable answer which is One Day He Fell In Love, and It Mattered.

This entanglement of human emotions with science is something men/women of all parts can relate to because it talks about human relationships in general and that is something everyone years for and that matters even for the tiny fragment of time we, as humans spend as part of the Universe.

You can watch the documentary on Netflix.


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  1. Last comment how condescending I can’t think of a number more than 10, instead of worrying about how infinite the universe is spending 20 Years arguing about it it, just balance the budget in a country or two


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