Spy Classroom Episode 3: Spy Classroom Is An On Going Anime Series Which Is Currently Streaming on Crunchyroll In Japanese And English Languages With English Subtitles This Is A Action Comedy Mysterious Romantic Series This Series is Based On A Light Novel. Overall this series is going to have 12 episodes.

Now We’re Going to tell you about the release date of Episode 3 of spy Classroom

The 3rd Episode Of Spy Classroom Is All set to stream On 19th January 2023 on Crunchyroll. Wait for more than 5 days to watch more episodes.

Timezones Are As Follows
British Time- 11:00 am Jan 19 2023
Australian Time- 11’30 pm Jan 19 2023
Central Time- 4’00 am Jan 19, 2023
Pacific Time- 2’00. Am Jan 19 2023
Eastern Time- 5’00 am Jan 19 2023

Overview Of The Previous Episode

In The Last Episode, We saw that Lily Has Gotten A Provisional Graduation she was a failure at school. She got a new task also Now it is really fun what she’s going to do next.



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