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Spy Classroom Anime Episode 1 Recap, Summary, Explained

Spy Classroom Episode 1 Recap, Summary, Explained: Spy Classroom is a Japanese action comedy mystery series, and episode 1 is aired worldwide, and fans enjoy it. I am going to recap along with the ending explanation of episode 1 in this article, and after reading this, you didn’t miss any details.


We first meet Klaus in Episode 1, titled “Mission: Flower Garden I,” where he is known as the greatest spy of that era, working with the government to find out about deaths and all. After that, we see his task to teach a group of aspiring students and prepare them for other missions, where we find that group of girls named Thea, Monika, Sara, and others who are going to start their training under him.

Later, we find that Klaus is not good at teaching and is incapable of explaining the moves and ways to hide. This group of young students is dubbed Lamplight as a codeword, but the students are still dissatisfied with his teaching style. For that reason, groups of students who are recurring for this mission want to complain about all this to the head office of the school where they are training.

Ending Explained

After that, we find out the details about the mission, which they want to complete soon and have only a few months left. Regardless of that, Klaus is not good at teaching, and after that, the students complain to the main leader at school. At last, we see Klaus apologize to everyone for his bad teaching style, and he wants to get the best group possible so that they can easily complete this mission.

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In the next episode, we’ll see how they teach them and prepare them for the mission. Tell me how much you enjoyed episode 1 so far in the comments.



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