Song Of The Bandits Episode 5: The show’s emotion is a mixed bag as of now. For the last three episodes, it has been all about looting 2 lakh pounds, which is making the show a little draggy. We’ve already covered the recap of Episodes 1 to Episode 4, and now here’s the recap and ending explanation of Episode 5 of the show.

Episode 5 of the show starts with an attack on the police station by Hee-shin. The police team and Major Wang Lee follow her, but she hides in a restaurant. Lee Yoon was already there, and he saw Hee-Shin hiding there. When Major Gwang-Li arrived and asked about Hee-Shin, Lee Yoon said that he knew nothing. Hee-Shin thanked Lee Yoon for saving her life.

In the next scene, we see that Lee Yoon learns that the money was looted by Eon. Lee Yoon and his team plan to go to Changchun and attack the train to retrieve the money. Lee Yoon’s team attacks the train, and on the other hand, Major Gwang-Li is also there with his army men. We witness an intense fight between Eon and Lee Yoon. Major recognizes Eon and orders his men to arrest her. Suddenly, a sandstorm occurs, and everyone starts running in all directions. Gwang-Li thinks that he is going to miss the money again, so he orders to open fire on everyone. Many innocents are killed, Eon is arrested, and Hee-Shin manages to escape with the moneybag.

Hee-Shin is badly injured and then she is attacked and surrounded by dacoits. They are about to kill her, but suddenly Lee Yoon arrives and saves her from all the dacoits. When Lee Yoon learns that Hee-Shin is working for the independence of Joseon, he says he will help her and ensure that the money reaches the right person. On the other hand, Eon is being tortured by Gwang-Li, and Major Gwang-Li gives her a last chance: if she wants to stay alive, she needs to kill Lee Yoon.

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Meanwhile, Hee-Shin and Lee Yoon are heading towards Changchun to give the money to the Independence Army fighters. Upon reaching there, when they are about to hand over the money, Hee-Shin realizes that they are not the Independence Army fighters, and she shoots one of the men. Lee Yoon also kills another man, but in the midst of all this, Hee-Shin gets shot and is critically wounded. Episode 5 ends here.



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