Song Of The Bandits Episode 1: Korean Dramas are getting huge love from worldwide on Netflix and thus Netflix is coming back with big releases every week. New series titled “Song of The Bandits” is now streaming on Netflix with 9 Episodes. Here Goes and recap and ending explained of the Episode 1 of the show.

The story of Episode 1 begins at a Japanese Army Camp, where we witness an event organized to honor an Army Soldier named “Lee Yoon.” Furthermore, we discover that Lee Yoon used to be a servant to Major Miura, but later became an Army officer. Later on, we find out that Lee Yoon didn’t attend the event, which was embarrassing for Miura. Major Miura was very angry due to this, and he confronted Lee Yoon, asking why he was not present at the event. Lee Yoon responded that he didn’t want to continue anymore, and he left Miura in anger.

We also learn that Lee Yoon is divorced and misses his wife, who lives in the same city. Lee Yoon boards a train and travels to another city, where he encounters Seon Bok. While Lee and Seon are having a meal on the streets, a bandit named “Jang Ki Ryong” and his gang members arrive and kill a few men in broad daylight. Jang Ki and Lee Yoon lock eyes as they both stare at each other. Later, we discover that those who were killed were members of another bandit group led by Nodelksan.

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The next day, Lee Yoon heads to the forest and meets a man named Choong So, who reveals that he is like one of them. There, Lee Yoon meets a girl named Ron Nyeoni, and upon looking at her, he realizes that she is not a farmer. She soon reveals that she is a contract killer sent by Major to assassinate him. Furthermore, we see Lee Yoon talking to Choong So and confessing that six years ago, while he was in the army, he destroyed the entire village of Jason, expressing deep remorse for his actions. Amidst all this, the area is attacked by Nodelksan’s goons, resulting in the death of many men and women. Lee Yoon feels helpless and can’t do anything to stop it.

The following day, Lee Yoon seeks out Seon Buk to obtain guns and bombs as he plans to eliminate Nodelksan and his gang. Here, we learn about Lee Yoon’s backstory, showcasing his exceptional sharpness and strength, making him capable of taking on an entire army unit single-handedly. Lee Yoon successfully wipes out Nodelksan’s entire camp in one go and then returns to Choong So’s camp. There, Choong offers him the opportunity to become the leader for the people of Joseon. However, Yoon declines, stating that he’s not yet ready to be a king. He needs more men, money, and power to wage battles, and he intends to recruit fearless soldiers who fear no one.

Episode 1 of the show was enjoyable to watch, and although the suspense and thrill weren’t at an extraordinarily high level, the storytelling is exceptional. It will be exciting to see the upcoming episodes, as they may depict a showdown between Major and Lee Yoon.

This concludes the recap and explanation of Episode 1 of “Song Of Bandits.” What are your thoughts on the show? Please share your opinions in the comments.



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