Song Of The Bandits Episode 4: Episode 4 starts with lots of hope as we are going to see an encounter between all three main leads. But the fortune has something else to do. Episode 4 was below my expectations and here goes the Recap and ending explanation of Episode 4 of the show.

Episode 4 of the show starts with a conversation between Major Gwang Li and his senior officer. The senior officer doesn’t trust him and thus asks Gwang Li to prove his loyalty by killing the members of the Josean community.

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Gwang Li marches towards Gyeongseong with his army men. On the other hand, we get to see Kang San Gun and Choraeng-Yi going to kill the manager of the railway so that they can loot the money. Again, we see that Kang San Gun has some problem in his hand, but he ignores it.

The van carrying money was first chased by a group of dacoits. The dacoits got killed by the guards as the guards had high-grade weapons. Lee Yoon and his team wait for the gun to get stuck, and due to the dust and continuous firing, the gun gets stuck. Lee Yoon and his team attack the van, and they gain control of the van. When they were about to leave, another gang of dacoits arrived there, and they asked Lee Yoon to leave the van and money. Lee Yoon orders his men to leave the place without doing anything.

All the gang members were confused about why Lee Yoon let the money go so easily. Here, Lee Yoon reveals that the boxes in the van were empty, and there was not even a single penny in the van.

Later, we get to see that it is all part of Eon’s plan. She has convinced the manager to replace the money with empty boxes. The manager did the same, and at the last moment when he was trying to go away with a box full of money, Eon killed the manager and took all the money. As no one knows about this plan, everyone thinks the money was looted by dacoits and goons. Eon walks free and she hands over the money to Hee Shin, and the episode ends here.

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Episode 4 was a decent episode. Now let’s see what happens in Episode 5 of the show. Since Lee Yoon and his men have no money and no food, it will be interesting to see how they survive.

That’s all about the Episode 4 recap and ending explanation. What do you think about the show? Please let us know in the comments.



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