Song Of The Bandits Episode 3

Song Of The Bandits Episode 3: Recap And Ending Explained

Song Of The Bandits Episode 3: The first 2 episodes from Netflix’s Korean Drama series ‘Song Of The Bandits’ were stunning and full of action and fun. Episode 3 promises a great sequence too. Here we are going to tell you about the Recap and ending of episode 3 of the show.

Episode 3 of the show begins with the arrest of the Independence Army Leader, and Major Gwang Li is torturing him to reveal the names and details of the upcoming plans of the Independence Army.

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The leader says nothing even after the intense torture. He asks for water and then snatches a gun from a police officer and kills himself. Gwang Li receives a tip that something is happening on the Gando Line, and he also gets a slight idea that they may be planning to loot the train. After this, Gwang Li decides that he will take the army to safeguard the money and the Gando Line.

Eon reaches Gyeongseong and starts planning to loot the money. Hee Shin also arrives in Gyeongseong, and when Lee Yoon sees her in the market, he is shocked to see what she is doing there. Before he can follow her further, Eon points a gun at him from behind. Here, we witness an intense fight between Eon and Lee. Gunshots echo through the entire local market, and the fight continues. Very soon, the police arrive and arrest Lee Yoon, Eon, and Seon-Bok, and all three are now in jail. Here, we learn that another gang of thieves also knows about the money and is planning to loot it.

Soon, all three are released from the lockup, and Lee Yoon asks Eon to stay away from all of this. However, she refuses and declares that she will kill Lee Yoon on that day. The episode ends here.

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Episode 3 was not as exciting as expected, as the story has not progressed much. Now, we know that almost every criminal in Gyeongseong is planning to loot the money, and it will be interesting to see how Lee Yoon, Eon, and Major Gwang Li react to the situation.


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