Song Of The Bandits Episode 6: The Korean Drama series Song of The Bandits is now streaming on Netflix in multiple audios along with subtitles. The show is one of the biggest K Drama series for Netflix in recent times. Here we are going to tell you about the Episode 6 recap and ending Explanation of the series.

The episode starts with Eon coming back again to Choong Soo and saying that she is looking for Lee Yoon. She also says that she is going to kill Lee Yoon. Choong Soo asks her not to do so, and then Eon asks why he is saving him. Eon also says that Lee Yoon is helping that woman (Hee-Shin) and he is betraying their group. No one at the camp believes Eon and Choong Soo asks everyone to go and find Lee Yoon.

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On the other hand, Lee Yoon and Hee-Shin are in a village, and Lee Yoon is taking care of Hee-Shin. After three days, Hee-Shin opens her eyes and says that she needs to go to the Independence Army as they need that money badly. Lee Yoon says that he will deliver the money, but Hee-Shin rejects his offer.

While they were making plans to deliver the money, the village is attacked by Choong Soo and his gang members. We get to see a small fight between Lee Yoon and Choong Soo’s members, and then all of a sudden, we get to see alarm crackers in the sky, which indicates that the Japanese Army is coming. Lee Yoon asks Hee-Shin to hide in a nearby hut.

Major Gwang-Li reaches there and is shocked to see Lee Yoon there. He also asks about that money. Lee Yoon says that he has nothing and asks him to leave the place. Lee Yoon and Gwang-Li decide to talk alone, and there Lee Yoon says that he will kill Gwang-Li if he doesn’t leave. After some arguments, Gwang-Li moves out from there with his army team. After this, Lee Yoon asks Choong Soo to leave, and he says that he will come to them after delivering the money. In the night, we get to see Eon following Choong Soo again, and here Choong asks why she wants to kill Lee Yoon.

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Eon says that if she does not kill Lee Yoon, it will be dangerous for her. Choong Soo says that once Lee Yoon asked everyone not to kill her, and now she is saying that she is going to kill him. How can you do that? And the episode ends here.



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