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“Solo Leveling” Episode 3 Recap, Summary and Explained

“Solo Leveling” Episode 3 Recap: “Solo Leveling” is an ongoing Japanese adventure thriller anime show that is streaming with 3 episodes. This was the much-anticipated show of this month and is currently streaming with just 3 episodes; more are going to stream on Crunchyroll. This is the first anime show that is released in the Hindi language from Crunchyroll. Before this, do check out the recap of previous episodes.

Episode 3 starts with the same moment where Jinwoo was killed by those statues. But suddenly, he gets up from sleep and comes to know that it all was a dream. He had legs and hands.

Woo Jinchul, the manager of the Hunter’s Association Surveillance Team, came to the hospital to meet him, and the intro comes. Jinwoo was asking them about Joo Hee and Mr. Song, whether she is okay. Then Jinwoo realized that it wasn’t a dream; it happened in real. But the main question is how Jinwoo is still well.

Joohee was in a traumatic condition. The people from the association started telling Jinwoo that they found him in the cave; he fell on the floor. They ask him if he ever felt a second awakening; only high-rank officers can experience it.

They got a mana meter, and managers were saying that low-level hunters can’t experience it. How is it even possible? The score on the meter came out to be just 10. If he can be a high-rank hunter, his score would be more than 70.

Jinwoo sees a touch panel; he remembers that pop-up. Suddenly, he meets Jin Ah; she started giving him a lecture that he should take care of himself. Jinwoo was seeing more pop-ups. In one, he has to complete the exercise. Managers called high command and told them about Jinwoo, that he can’t experience a second awakening. One B-rank officer got an offer to train other hunters.

Suddenly, one blue gate opens in the middle of the road. Jinwoo was sleeping in the hospital, and suddenly, the pop-up came, and it was of his exercise, which he didn’t complete, and now he has to pay a penalty. He got teleported to the red desert, where he has to survive for 4 hours in front of a dragon, and he survived. He again gets back to the hospital.

Jinwoo started completing the exercise task. Joohee came to know that Jinwoo woke up, and she sees that Jinwoo is running outside the hospital. He was seeing the full recovery pop-up, for that, he has to exercise every day. Joohee leaves; she didn’t even meet him. The blue gate was still there in the middle of the road, and it is scheduled to be raided by hunters in a few days.

After that, we can see a flashback in which we see Jinwoo’s mother is very sick, and she wasn’t waking up. He took full responsibility, and after that, he became a hunter. She said he will take care of her mother’s operation because he needed money; due to that, only he became a hunter. In the hospital, he started working very hard.

He got the magical key; he left from the hospital. He opened the station door; only he was in a separate dimension. He sees a teleportation stone; he steps into another dimension, and he has to fight with goblins. He started fighting with them; this time he was fully prepared, and he started killing them.

He has to fight a wolf after that; his legs were shaking. The wolf was about to attack him, and the episode 2 ends.

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