Solo Leveling Episode 1 Recap and Explained: Solo Leveling is an ongoing adventure fantasy magical Japanese anime series that is streaming with only 1 episode. The main highlight of this anime drama is that it is officially streaming in Hindi, and the Hindi dub is done by Bollywood actor Ali Fazal.

Episode 1 starts with a recap of 3 years ago, in which two ship captains were discussing the attack. The other replied that they didn’t have strong weapons, and the captain said only hunters can fight with them.

After that, we can see hunters having a fight with strong, big-sized ants. They were eating hunters when suddenly, one guy came and healed them with healing magic. One more entry takes place, which was of powerful Byung Yu; they were S Rank hunters.

The S Rank hunters start fighting with white, big-sized ants, which were coming in groups. One S Rank hunter was so powerful that he was alone fighting with everyone. On the other side, Commander Choi ordered his squad to fight with those ant monsters. After that, we can see a recap of what happened 10 years ago. In that, we see other dimension gates were opened, and many magic beasts came from other dimensions. The people who can fight with them were known as hunters.

There are so many ranks of hunters: S, A, B, C, and E ranks are divided between hunters. Present day begins; Sung enters the workplace. At the workplace, they call Sung the weakest hunter because he lost one fight with an E Rank hunter.

He meets Joohee, and they sit together. Sung was telling Joohee about the incident. After that, Mr. Song arrives, and Sung was happy to meet him. Everyone gets ready to enter the other dimension. Sung had only one knife for a fight because he can afford only that.

After that, we can see one fight of Sung. In that, he was badly injured, but Joohee healed him. There are so many powerful equipment and weapons like Mana Crystals and Essence Stone. Essence Stone can be collected only from strong magic beasts, and Mana crystals can be collected from dungeons only.

The government is in search of that equipment because electricity can be generated from them. On the other side, Jinwoo was getting healed by Joohee. They were still inside the tunnel, and they thought there would be more loot inside. In that, 6 people agreed, and 6 didn’t. The last decision was pending; it was of Jinwoo, and Jinwoo agreed to go inside. Jinwoo was having so much stress in his mind because he wanted money for his mother’s operation and sister’s studies.

One more S Rank hunter entered; her name was Cha Hae In. On the other side, they go inside the tunnel. Joohee was getting angry at Jinwoo because he agreed to go inside the cave. They finally found the King’s Door. The people were trapped inside the cave; one hunter died. The big statue inside the cave was a living beast; the hunter who died was of D Rank Officer.

Jinwoo was explaining how much he suffered till now; he doesn’t even have good quality shoes. Suddenly, fire pops out from that statue, and one big blast happens. Everyone was shocked; they didn’t even know what was happening to them. Sung Jinwoo thought they were about to die, and Episode 1 ended.

On the other side, Go Gunhee, Chairman of the Hunter’s Association, was explaining to other members who are going to become hunters soon. Now many of you may ask a question about what was in the cave. There are high chance that that is something very powerful in the cave and Sung Jinwoo to get rid of that thing and after that, he will become powerful.

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