Solo Leveling Episode 2 : Solo Leveling is an ongoing thriller fantasy anime series that is currently streaming with only 2 episodes. The show has generated amazing buzz among audiences, and manga fans are enjoying it. This anime is also inspired by manga. It is the first-ever anime show streaming in Hindi on Crunchyroll, but sadly, the second episode is available only in Japanese. Do check out the Hindi update.

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The second episode starts at the same point where the first one ended. We can see everyone is still inside the cave. Joohee was so scared, and she was crying. She wasn’t able to handle so much pressure. Because of that, Mr. Song didn’t say anything to her to heal him. Mr. Song was badly injured.

Mr. Song said that in the temple, it was written, “First revere God, second praise God, and third prove your faith in God.” Those who won’t follow it will die.

Mr. Song started telling Jingwoo the past story. In that, we see over ten years ago, tunnels were known as gates. Those who awaken to special powers were known as Hunters. It was a prime example; their task was to beat beasts. When the tunnel of the other dimension opened ten years ago, once Hunter’s power gets activated, it will stay with them forever. After that, the intro comes.

After that, we can see a school. Girls were talking about hunters. On the other side, everyone was still stuck in the cave. One hunter has full confidence in himself. He tried to go beyond the line, but when he did, his body disappeared, and he was dead.

There was some strange light coming out from those statues. They were gods. Jingwoo was trying to revere God. He started panting and said to everyone to bow their heads in front of the gods.

Everyone listened to him, and the statue gave a freaky expression, which was very scary. One hunter got up, thinking they’re safe now. When they got up, the statue suddenly stood up, and everyone was getting scared by the commandant.

One hunter started praying in front of God, but God didn’t listen to anyone, and they started stepping up on two hunters. They died on the spot. Everyone started running in the cave. One more god got up, and they killed Park. Jingwoo said they aren’t gods; they’re devils.

Everyone was dead except Mr. Song, Jingwoo, Joohee, and one more hunter with them. The statues who were holding instruments in their hands didn’t attack, so they went in that direction. Jingwoo was finding a solution about how to fight with them. A lot of blood was coming from his head because of the heavy load on his body. Suddenly, the statue gets back to its place. This means Jinwoo was saved by praise.

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Joohee came near to Jinwoo. Jinwoo lost one leg, and Joohee started healing him. Mr. Song took all responsibility on him, that he’s responsible for what happened to them. Jinwoo said, “They are altar. They come up all the time in legends to sacrifice offerings to treasure.” This proves the third commandment, prove faith to God.

Kim said to Mr. Song to take all the responsibility. Jinwoo was saying in his mind, “It is not alone Mr. Song’s responsibility.” Jinwoo said they need a sacrifice, but he said he needs to examine the altar.

They took him next to the altar. Mr. Song was opening the gate. If they fail today, then other things from that dimension will enter into their world. After that, we can see the school scene again. The girl’s name was Miss Sung. She goes to visit her mom in the hospital because her mom is in critical condition.

After that, Jinwoo wasn’t able to walk, and the gates were getting opened. The door was also opened, and the statues with spears and axes in their hands started moving. Jinwoo was telling everyone to calm down and think it works like the old children’s game.

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Joohee was so much scared. Jinwoo was thinking in his mind that they’re testing their faith in God. Jinwoo was telling everyone not to move; otherwise, they will die. They’re trapped now. Kim was crying. He said his family is waiting outside, and he can’t die here.

The statues were coming near to them. Mr. Song said to Joohee and Jinwoo to get out from here, but Jinwoo said to Mr. Song and Joohee to go out. The orange flame stopped, and now Jinwoo was alone in the middle of the blue flame. Statues came near to him and started beating him. He lost his leg, his blood was coming out, and he wasn’t able to do anything. On the other hand, Kim was saying everyone is selfish.

One blue flame was still there, but it went off, and statues killed Jinwoo, and episode 2 ended.



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