My Demon Season 2 Release Date: The Much Anticipated And Much Love Korean Romantic Comedy Thriller Drama series is finally ended it is available On Netflix in Korean language with English subtitles The show has received an amazing response from audiences all over the globe Especially in India The show has been very successful.

Teenagers loved It and Everyday tweets were coming on X (formerly known as Twitter) regarding This Show After This Crazy Response fans started asking about The Second Season Here we’re telling you ever about Whether Season 2 will come or not.

We have posted the recap of Episode 16 Which was the season finale episode Do check it Out.

The post may contain spoilers !!

As per our reports, There won’t be another season For This Korean Romantic Drama Show Because As you can see in the ending it ends on a happy note Jeong and Doo Hee started living Happily With Each Other. So we suggest not waiting for another Season Because Makers won’t Create Another Season.

If They get any idea about a new Story then they will Make That happen But as of now, There won’t be another Season For My Demon As Of Now. If anything comes up we will update you.

My Demon revolves around the life of JeongGu Won And Doo Doo Hee, The Show Has Many Ups and downs, As Well as there, were so many ups and downs in their lives Too, At the end we also see Noh Sik get a punishment of a lifetime Imprisonment, Doo Hee came to know about madam jus condition which she wasn’t aware before that. Now Doo Hee And Jeong Gu Won are living happily ever after.

The cast of the show is Song Kang and Kim You-Jung in the main lead roles. The netflix original show also stars Lee Sang-Yi, Kim Hae-Sook, Jo Hye-Joo, Kim Tae-Hun, Cho Yeon-Hee And Lee Yoon-Ji In Key Roles.



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