Fool Me Once is Netflix original Crime drama series based on a Killing of a Man named ‘Joe’. Maya Joe’s wife is looking for Killers and meanwhile, she comes to know that there is a link between the Murders of her sister and her husband. Here we are going to cover the Episode wise recap of the show and here goes the episode 2 recap.

Episode 2 of the show starts with flashbacks in which we get to see that Joe informs Maya about Clare’s death on the phone, and after that, the episode jumps to the present.

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Sami asks a few questions about Joe with Maya, and she answers them comfortably. Maya asks about Claire from Eva, and here she tells her that Claire was having a secret phone on which she was talking with someone just a few weeks before her murder. On the other hand, we keep seeing that Sami is having some issue with vision and mind, and he is losing control over himself. Maya goes to Claire’s house and finds that phone in the box. In that phone, Maya gets to see a number which is of a Game Club. Maya goes there and asks for help, but the Club owner says he knows nothing.

Once again, we get to see that Sami’s problem is increasing with each passing day, and he is getting passed out at regular intervals. In the last moments of the episode, we get from old photographs that Claire was pregnant even before her first child Abby. On the other hand, we also get to see that Joe’s mother sends a huge sum of money to Investigating Officer Sami every month, and episode 2 ends here.

This was all about the Fool Me Once’ Episode 2 recap and explained. Drop your thoughts about the show in the comments.



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