Eileen Ending Explained: Anne Hathaway’s starrer thriller ‘Eileen’ is now available for the audience to watch. The film is making a buzz for its story and ending. Here, we will try to explain the summary and ending of the film.

The story of the film starts with a couple getting intimate in the car, and another girl named Eileen watching them from afar. In the next frame, we get to see she works at a Boys’ Prison as a psychologist. After work, she pleasures herself again by looking at a security officer. In the night, we get to know that Eileen’s dad was an ex-police cop, and he is retired now.


The next morning, a new lady doctor named Rebecca joined the prison as a doctor, and Eileen was attracted to her from the first sight. In the later half, we get to see that Eileen was attracted to a teen criminal named Lee Polk who has killed his own father.

Rebecca was counseling Lee Polk, and Eileen was trying all her hard to know more about Lee. On the same day, Rebecca asks Lee to come over for a cocktail in a nearby bar, and Eileen accepts the offer.

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In the party, Rebecca and Eileen get lots of drinks, and they also dance together. While going back after the party, Rebecca kisses Eileen. The next morning when Eileen returns home, her father doesn’t let her in. Eileen goes to work, but there she found out that Rebecca was not there and she was on leave. When Eileen reached home at night, she saw that her father was bleeding and laying on the floor, and she rushed him to the hospital.

Next day on Christmas, Rebecca invites Eileen to address the Christmas party. After some conversation when Eileen thought it was everything about her, Rebecca tells her that it is not her house, it is Lee Polk’s house, and she has tied Polk’s mother in the basement. Eileen tries to go away from there, but Rebecca asks her to help her, and after some conversation, Eileen agreed to help her, and she also brings her dad’s gun from the car.

Eileen points the gun at Polk’s mother and asks her to tell everything behind the killing of her husband and why Lee killed his father. Polk’s mother then reveals that Lee’s father was abusing her for so long, and even she was aware of it, but she didn’t tell anyone because it was also helping her in getting her married life better than before. Before Polk’s mother can tell anything more, Eileen shot her with the gun. Rebecca was shocked to see and asks Eileen if she has done this, Eileen says that she can’t control her anger and she was upset.

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Eileen now advises that they should take the body to her house and put all the blame on her father. He is going to die anyway due to overconsumption of alcohol, and he keeps creating problems for the society. Rebecca tells Eileen to go to her house with the body, and Rebecca says that she will come after cleaning all the evidence. Eileen goes with the body in the car and waits for Rebecca, but Rebecca never came. In the morning when Eileen realizes that Rebecca is not going to come, he drives her father’s car to the woods, leaves the car with the body in it, and then hitches a truck, and the film ends here.

Now, many of you may ask about the ending of the film. What was this ending? Who is Rebecca? What happened to her? Why was Eileen happy, and where was she going?

Ending Explained

Well, the film is one prime example of open-ending films, and the ending of the film is open for all theories from the audience. You may have your own theory; we may have our own. Here, we are going to tell you about our theory of the ending of the film.

From the beginning of the film itself, Eileen has a soft corner for Lee Polk, and she always watches him. There are high chances that Rebecca is not a living character, but it is just a creation of Eileen’s mind. Eileen starts developing feelings for Lee, and to help him, she imagines a character of Rebecca to get confidence and power. When Rebecca comes into the life of Eileen, she starts behaving differently. There are high chances that Eileen wants to get rid of her dad and her dull life, and at the same time, she wants to do justice with Lee. Thus, she visits Lee Polk’s house, kills Rita (Lee Polk’s mother), and then puts all the blame on her father and then leaves the city to live all alone.

Although there are many loopholes in this theory, this fits most to the story. If you have any other theory about the film, please let us know in the comments. For more news, reviews, and explainers, stay tuned with us.

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