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Sleeping Dog Schlafende Hunde Episode 3: We are covering the Episode wise Recap of Netflix’s newly released show Sleeping Dog’ and here we are at Episode 3. The show getting love and now trending on Netflix. You can also check the Recap of Episode 1 and Episode 2 for a better idea about the series.

After receiving a suspicious call from an unknown person, Atlas tries calling his daughter. Unfortunately, she doesn’t answer, and goes to voicemail. He then calls his wife to check if she has any idea about her whereabouts, but unfortunately, she doesn’t either. Now, he rushes to the mentioned location without a second thought.

Upon reaching there, he finds Joachim and asks him about his daughter’s whereabouts. However, Joachim points the gun at him and asks him to back off. Joachim is suspicious of Atlas and asks him who’s paying him and who else is involved in this. Atlas gains the upper hand in the situation, takes the gun from Joachim, and asks him about his daughter. Joachim swears she’s safe and offers to take him to her.

In the midst of all this, Luk arrives, and Joachim pushes Atlas and runs away. A tense chase sequence follows, with Joachim managing to escape. Before he flees, he gives Tinka, Atlas’s daughter, a chess piece to give to her father. When Tinka is asked about the guy, she reveals that he is a friend of her dad named Paul but doesn’t disclose anything about the chess piece. On the other hand, Jule discovers that Herries was running for the position of chief judge before he was killed.

Atlas becomes curious and decides to visit the crime scene of Idrish to search for clues. While searching, he comes across some hairs. Paranoid, Joachim tries calling Jule and asks about Atlas. Jule instructs him to meet her at the river.

Meanwhile, Atlas visits Luk on his boat and asks him about what happened eight months ago and why he quit the force. They get into an argument, and Atlas tells Luk to stay away from his family.

After leaving the boat, Atlas has flashbacks and recalls that during the Herres case, he was on drugs and Luk led the whole operation, asking Atlas to follow. After the trial, Atlas, who was somewhat sedated, accidentally ran over his daughter and got into an argument with his wife. That’s when he left and has been living alone since.

On the other hand, Luk finds a gun at Abou’s girlfriend’s house, and Atlas tries to sneak into Luk’s boat, where he finds his wife sleeping. Jule and Joachim meet at the river, but Joachim becomes suspicious and starts to leave. Jule tells him that she and Atlas have been working on the case and they believe Mussa is innocent. After hearing this, Joachim takes Jule to a parking lot and reveals that he was hired by Judge Herries’s wife to check if he was cheating on her. However, Herries was innocent.

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He was shot, and Mussa was falsely proven guilty. Joachim warns Jule that anyone investigating the Herries case will be killed and mentions that someone visited his home looking for photos. Jule asks about the photos, and he replies that they are the surveillance photos of Herries. Joachim advises Jule to ask Atlas about the photos since he gave them to him. Before he can finish his sentence, someone shoots him, and Jule runs away without looking back.

This is where the episode ends.


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