The Perfect Find Ending Explained: The latest romantic comedy-drama is streaming now on Netflix. Here in this article, we are going to explain the ending of the movie. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

The movie revolves around the life of Jenna. She is in a relationship with Brian, and they are known as the power couple of the fashion industry. They have been together for the last ten years. However, Jenna wants to have a family with him and have kids. Brian, on the other hand, is against it and not comfortable with the idea.

As a result, they break up, which deeply shocks Jenna. She also quits her job and starts living in her mother’s flat. After a year, her mother asks her to move back to New York and reclaim her old life.

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At 40 years old, Jenna asks Darcy for a new job. Previously, they were rivals in the industry. But seeing Jenna begging in front of her, Darcy gives her a chance to prove herself in 90 days. Jenna goes out to a party with her friends and meets a young guy. They start kissing, but Jenna stops it and decides not to take it any further.

However, she soon finds out that the man she kissed is Eric, Darcy’s son, and he is a videographer. The next day at work, Darcy pairs him with Jenna. They decide to remain only friends to make their working relationship easier.

As a team, they work well together, and their work receives a lot of appreciation. After some time, they start sleeping together but decide to keep their relationship a secret. Darcy begins to suspect that something is going on between them. Meanwhile, Jenna’s ex-boyfriend keeps trying to call her, but she ignores his calls. One day, when Jenna appears at her house drunk and Eric comes to see her, he sees them together and assumes they are back together. He then ghosts Jenna.

Jenna goes to Darcy’s house to confess her feelings, and they both admit that they love each other. The next day, Darcy catches Jenna and Eric together in the bedroom and decides to fire him from his job. Jenna tries to explain that they love each other very much, but Darcy is not in the mood to listen.

After a few days of being separated, Jenna calls Eric again and learns that he has also left his job. He is currently working on a documentary about his father, who passed away when Eric was 2 years old. Jenna is teaching acting and design in a university. Some days later, she calls Eric and tells him that she is pregnant. However, Eric doesn’t want a child at the moment.

Meanwhile, when her mother learns about the situation, she visits Jenna and says that their family never accepted her boyfriend but she will not do the same to her. She decides to accept their relationship. They name their son after Eric’s father, and the movie ends.



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