Jeong Ji An In ‘A Shop For Killers’ Actress Name: Disney presents ten episodic action spy Korean thriller drama called “A Shop for Killers” with both action and emotional elements. This drama is about a bond between a girl and her uncle who died recently, left with many mysteries that nobody knows. As these mysteries reveal unpredictable consequences that happen in her life.

Jeong Jian a teenage girl with short hair is the central character of the drama. Jian is played by Korean actress Kim Hye-jun. She is known her best acting for A Wonderful Sight (2021), Another Child (2019) and Cashero. She looks very young and beautiful and acts in her charm throughout the screen. When it comes to this drama her role is perfectly played by Kim Hye-jun.

Jian is not a talkative person, she only speaks rarely to anyone. When her parents died her uncle looked after her. She loves her uncle very much. Even though she looks calm she is very aggressive. She can fight very well, she is good at shooting too. Her uncle Jinman taught her how to attack and how to defend.

Even though she loves her uncle she doesn’t know him very well, as he lives in his fake identity for the job he does. She doesn’t really what he did than the fake job he said to her. She is a smoking addict. We can see her trying to smoke at every space she gets. She always has that gloomy dull face on her.

The sudden death of her uncle made her weak but the training she got from her uncle didn’t go away. She is very much courageous and independent even after Jeong Jinman’s death. She is also part of the underworld organization created by jinman , but she found about this only after the unexpected death of her uncle Jinman. Her each move are well-planned and executed. The level of excitement she is offering the audience on second episode ending is marvelous.

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This show will be one girl show throughout from now on. Jinman is already dead and whole organization is fell apart, everyone eyeing the murder Ji An. Ji An moves from now will be thrilling and stunning for sure.

That’s all about the character of Jian. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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