"Chained Soldier" Episode 2 Recap & Explained

“Chained Soldier” Episode 3 Recap and Explained

“Chained Soldier” Episode 3: “Chained Soldier” is an ongoing Adventure Action Thriller Romantic adult anime show currently streaming with 3 episodes in Japanese language and English subtitles. The show is already receiving a lot of love, prompting us to write these episode recaps. Before reading the Episode 3 recap, do check out the recaps of the previous 2 episodes.

Episode 3 starts with Yuuki getting assigned a task. He is with the commander, but he gets lost in his own world, appreciating the beauty of the commander. On the other side, Shushu is searching for Yuuki in the house. Her sister informs her that Himari took him. The commander starts telling Yuuki about the past, explaining how she lost her loved ones, and because of that, she established this Demon Rescue force.

The commander and Yuuki visit the grave of her loved ones, where she prays. Commander Kyuoka tells Yuuki that they have to go back to Mato, but Yuuki insists on spending more time in town. They go to a cafe, where Kyuoka expresses her love for ice cream, stating that it is delicious. Yuuki, missing his sister, who he lost, starts eating. Kyuoka interrupts, stating that break time is over, and they have to get back.

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Kyuoka seeks help from Yuuki to remove her socks. They return to Mato, where a problem arises. They go to solve the problem in three different vehicles. From a distance, they can see demons. Himari and Shushu start fighting with them, and it turns out to be the demon responsible for the commander losing her loved ones. Commander attacks another demon, and Himari and Shushu get weak, falling to the floor.

Yuuki steps in to help the commander in the fight. A twist occurs when Yuuki realizes that his sister has become a demon, yet he continues to attack her. They discover they are fighting Shuuki.

After the battle, they return home, and the commander punishes Yuuki for behaving like a pervert. Yuuki tells the commander that she could be like a sister to him since his sister suddenly went missing. Yuuki wonders why his sister would become a demon.

Yuuki cooks food for everyone and receives appreciation from his little sister for his bravery in saving everyone. Meanwhile, Shuuki talks about Yuuki on the other side. Later, while Yuuki is taking a bath, Shushu comes behind him and starts washing his back. Shushu develops a liking for Yuuki. Suddenly, Himari arrives to punish Yuuki.

Commander Tenka Izumo suddenly arrives from the 6th Squad, along with her second in command, Yachicho Izumo. They notice Yuuki and Episode 3 ends.

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