Shubh In ‘Asur 2’: Younger Shubh is played by Vishesh Bansal, and grown-up Shubh is played by Abhishek Chauhan. The character of Shubh received more love from the audience compared to Nikhil and DJ. The villainous character of Shubh was highly appreciated. In the first season, we see Shubh commit the cold-blooded murder of his father.

Since his childhood, Shubh has been learning about demons, asuras, and related subjects. He is a unique child, and his father used to refer to him as Rakshas and Asur.

Vishesh Bansal delivers a commendable performance in the role of Shubh, with his eyes expressing every feeling. He commits numerous murders and often says, “Mai Aapko Mukti De Raha Hu” (I’m setting your soul free). In Season 2, the true face of Shubh is revealed, portrayed by Abhishek Chauhan.

As he grows up, Shubh plays mind games with the CBI while continuing to commit murders as part of his plan. Shubh always knew that his AI would help and save him. He believes he is the Kali of this Yug and forms a team consisting of Rasool, Kesar, and the kidnapper, who portray the roles of Koka and Vikoka.

Shubh’s character is the darkest, as he always says, “Kali Anant Hai” (Kali is infinite), and he demonstrates that everyone has their dark sides.



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