‘Asur’ Season 2 Ending Explained: There were a few shocking as well as interesting events in the last episode of Jio Cinema’s original series “Asur Season 2.” The show ends again with a cliffhanger, and now all eyes are on season 3. There are a few questions that are left unanswered in the show, and our readers had some confusion regarding the ending too. Here, we are going to explain the ending of “Asur” Season 2.

Before we jump directly into the ending, let’s have a small recap of the last episode of “Asur” Season 2. It will help us build better connections and understanding between the events. For all those who haven’t seen the series yet, please stop reading from here as the article contains heavy spoilers related to the show.

The last episode of the show starts with Elder Shubh, where we see him meeting his Grandfather and killing him. Although his Grandfather tells him that he always saved him, Shubh brutally kills him and also says that his dad is responsible for what he has become! There was already an announcement that there will be a debate between Asur and Anant, and Shubh aka Asur also warns Anant and DJ to expose them.

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At the set time, Shubh aka Asur gains access to the display and systems of the media house, and the debate begins. Anant answers everything brilliantly, and this frustrates Shubh badly. Nushrat and Nikhil are on their way to Himachal Pradesh to look for the base camp of Shubh. Nushrat and Nikhil try to find evidence or traces of Professor Rao and Shubh, but they find nothing. Shubh was losing the debate, and then all of a sudden, we receive a parcel in the name of DJ and Anant. When Anant opens the parcel, there is a button-like device inside. Shubh says that there are two buttons on the device: one for non-believers of God and the other one for believers of God. Now, it’s all up to Anant to press one of the buttons, and that one selection will kill that Particular fraternity. 

As Shubh announced that he would attack two locations in India, panic spread all over the country, and the CBI is looking for clues. While searching for clues, they find a picture of a sunflower in the encrypted chats of Shubh and his team on the Darkweb. Upon closer inspection of the pictures, they discover that the flowers contain a secret code. Some of the florets were missing from the sunflower, and when they connect all the florets, they obtain location coordinates where Shubh was planning to attack. One of the locations was Mukti Ghat Varanasi, where the Rudrabhishek ceremony was scheduled to take place, and the other location was Delhi Indra Nagar Conference Center, where the Science conference was going to be held. The CBI Chief orders the evacuation of those places, but DJ rejects the idea.

Meanwhile, Nikhil and Nushrat are still searching for Shubh’s base, and through intensive investigation, they manage to find a small clue about its location. The CBI, ATF, and other teams are now searching the targeted places, Mukti Ghat and the Science Conference Center, but they find nothing.

Asur Ending Explained

While conducting further checks at the targeted areas, DJ and the ATF team discover that the bombs were hidden in speakers. After conducting investigations and scans, they realize that these were sonic bombs concealed inside the sound boxes. Suddenly, Asur aka Shubh appears on everyone’s screens and announces that two bombs will explode within 30 minutes, and the only way to prevent it is to kill ‘Anant.’ Shubh states that they must kill Anant within the given time frame, or the bombs will detonate, causing mass casualties. Panic ensues at Mukti Ghat, and people start shouting to kill Anant.

Taking the microphone, Anant announces that he is ready to die and that his death can save thousands of lives. He also explains that this is all part of the plan and asks people to believe in God. On the other hand, Nikhil and Nushrat found the base and they connect the computer of Shubh to Naina so that she can get into it.

As the bombs were in the speakers, DJ and his team cut the power supply to the speakers, but it backfires on them as the timer starts running fast, and now they don’t have much time. They can’t displace the speakers to any other place as those were motion-sensitive speakers. Naina tries her best to access the computer, and finally, she manages to do it. On the other hand, the chamber where Nikhil and Nushrat were in locks automatically, and poisonous gas starts coming out from the vents. With only a few minutes left to diffuse the bomb, Naina gains access to Shubh’s computer, and they finally manage to diffuse the bomb.

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DJ spots Shubh at Mukti Ghat and fires at him. Shubh gets hit by a bullet in his leg, gets arrested, and the show ends there. The story then shifts to one month later, and we see Shubh inside the jail. Nikhil comes to meet him and shakes hands with him, bidding a final goodbye. In an instant, Shubh falls to the ground and dies. There was some chemical on Nikhil’s hand, and he avenges his daughter’s death. DJ visits Vrinda’s place, but there is no one there, and Vrinda is missing. We also see that Nushrat feels guilty as she killed an innocent girl to save her sister, and the show ends there.

The show ends with many unanswered questions and now here we will discuss them one by one;

One of the biggest questions about the ending of the show is, “What happened to Vrinda?” There is a high chance that Vrinda was part of Asur’s game plan and she will become the next Asur in season 3. You can read more about Vrinda and her character as well.

Another frequently asked question in the show is, “Is Asur dead?” No, Asur is not dead. Only Shubh is dead. If you listen to Shubh’s last words, he says that Kali can never die as he is immortal; he only changes his body. Shubh is dead, but Asur, also known as Kali, is still present.

So these were the Possible theories and Asur Season 2 Ending Explained; What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments. For more news, Updates and reviews, Stay tuned with us.



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