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Ishani In ‘Asur 2’ Actress Name, Who Plays? | Character Explained

Ishani In ‘Asur 2’: Ishani is played by actress Adithi Kalkunthe in “Asur 2.” Ishani is a new addition to the CBI and appears in the second season. In the previous season, we witnessed the heartbreaking death of Lolark.

Upon joining the CBI, Ishani closely follows Rasool, who is revealed to be Balveer Suber, a member of Shubh’s team, in the climax of Season 1. Ishani suspected Rasool of killing Lolark because Lolark was an inspiration to her and DJ’s best friend.

When Ishani realizes that Rasool is aware of being followed by her, Rasool plans Ishani’s murder as well. Ishani obtains a pen drive when she visits Rasool’s house and discovers demonic sketches drawn by him.

Ishani informs Nikhil about everything, but he is unable to take any action. When she returns home, Kamini murders her, making it appear as a suicide. Nikhil feels extremely guilty for not being able to do anything despite knowing everything.



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