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Nikhil In ‘Asur 2’ Actor Name, Who Plays? | Character Explained

Nikhil In ‘Asur 2’: Nikhil Nair is played by Barun Sobti, who is well-known for his role in daily soaps. In the “Asur” series, he takes on a serious role. In Season 1, Nikhil assists the kidnapper in committing murders in a scientific manner.

At one point, Nikhil was a student of Dhananjay (DJ) and learned many things from him. However, due to some issues between them, Nikhil leaves DJ and the CBI to settle in the US.

Nikhil and Nusrat were in love, but Nikhil abruptly leaves without saying goodbye. Nikhil is one of the sharpest and smartest characters in the series. After Rhea’s death, he is emotionally devastated. He sacrifices Rhea’s life to save the lives of three other people, but it was Nikhil’s destiny.

After Rhea’s death, Nikhil is completely broken and contemplates suicide, but Nusrat intervenes and saves him. He is waiting to catch Shubh in the climax and shakes hands with him when Shubh is in prison. After the handshake, Shubh dies. For more details about the climax, please read our “Ending Explained” section.


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