Shaukat Bhai’ In scam 2003: Shaukat Bhai was the man who brought Telgi to Mumbai, and from then on, Telgi started doing scams. He began by making fake passports, then he started selling stamp papers, and eventually, he jumped into the biggest scam ever in India.

Now, many of you have been asking about the real image and real name of the man behind the character of Shaukat Bhai. Here, we are going to clear all your doubts. The character of Shaukat Bhai is inspired by a real-life person, based on Shahida Telgi’s dad. Since he passed away long before the scam was exposed in the media, there are no pictures of him. Shaukat Bhai died during the 2000s; however, there is no official date available in the public domain.

Now, let’s delve into the backstory of all this. When Telgi used to sell fruits on the train, Shaukat Bhai first noticed him and asked him to come to Mumbai. Upon reaching Mumbai, Telgi began managing the business of Shaukat’s guesthouse, and the business started generating good profits.

After that, Telgi married Shaukat’s daughter, Shahida, and they went to Gulf countries to earn money. Upon his return to India, he started making fake passports and was subsequently arrested. It was Shaukat Bhai who got Telgi out of jail. Telgi then began the business of selling used stamps and eventually stamp papers, and the rest is history.

This was all about Shaukat Bhai’s character from Scam 2003. What do you think about it?, Please let us know in the comments.



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