Ganesh Kamble Scam 2003: Ganesh Kamble is one of the important characters in the SonyLiv original series Scam 2003 – The Telgi Story. Ganesh is the lawyer for Karin Telgi in the series, and he has been with him from the beginning. Kamble is the man who helps Karin get bail for the first time when he gets into the fake passport case.

As the series is based on real incidents and real characters, there are chances that the character of Kamble is also inspired by real-life people and real-life advocates and lawyers. Here we are going to tell you about the real name of Ganesh Kamble and where he is right now.

Let me make one thing clear, to avoid any legal issues related to the show, the makers have changed the names of almost every character from the show, and the real names were kept hidden. The names of politicians and the locations are also changed by the makers to avoid any legal issues.

If we go by the media reports, the character of Ganesh Kamble is inspired by the real-life character of Rashid Kulkarni. Rashid Kulkarni was a lawyer of Telgi, and he also represented Telgi during the 2003 case. Later, he was also arrested by the police for involvement in the case, and he was sent to jail. He was arrested back in 2003, and since then, there has been no update about him. You can check this Times of India report confirming this.

As the case is too old, no real image or current status of Rashid is known or available in the public domain. We are trying to get information about Rashid or any of his images, and we will update it as soon as we get any images of him.

This was all about Ganesh Kamble, the character from the SonyLiv original series Scam 2003.



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