Nafisa Telgi now? Where Is She Now? Sony Liv presents “Scam 2003,” which is based on Abdul Karim Telgi’s story and his scam involving multiple fake stamps. The series is currently streaming on the SonyLiv platform with 5 episodes, while the remaining episodes will be released later on the platform.

As the story is based on real events and real stories, the characters in the show are also inspired by real-life individuals. One such character in the series is Nafisa Telgi, who is the wife of Abdul Telgi. In this article, we will provide more information about her, including her real name, image, and current whereabouts.

The character of Nafisa Telgi is inspired by the real-life character Shahida Telgi, who is the wife of Abdul Karim Telgi. She is still alive and living in Mumbai, according to the last media reports in 2019. There are no current updates about her, but there is a high possibility that she is still alive and residing in Mumbai.

She was not involved in any of Telgi’s illegal activities, which is why she never received any punishment or faced any trials. She made headlines again in 2017 when she expressed her desire to donate all of Telgi’s properties to the nation. Since then, there have been no further updates about her. You can also see the real image of Nafisa in the featured image of this post.

Now, let’s delve into the backstory. Nafisa, also known as Shahida, was the daughter of a guest owner where Telgi initially worked. He fell in love with her and later married her. They have one daughter together, and we will provide more details about her in a separate article.

This was all about Nafisa aka Shahida Telgi, we will keep updating this article if we get any more information about her. Till then, stay tuned with us for news, box office updates and other information related to entertainment.



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