“My Happy Ending” Episode 1 Recap: “My Happy Ending” is an ongoing Korean Mystery Romantic drama series available in the Korean language with English subtitles. Before reading this, do check out the recap for more Korean shows.

Episode 1 starts with a flashback of Jae Won when someone came in a black hoodie with a black cap and threw her inside the lake. She was drowning. In the next scene, we can see she was doing carpentry work. She was the CEO of a furniture brand.

She reaches the office; Jae goes to Kwon, and Kwon was taking the color of furniture in Jae’s company. Heo and Ah Rin were waiting for Jae at home because they were about to celebrate the birthday of Jae’s father. Ah Rin was so excited about it.

Seo Jae Won was telling about her life in an interview to reporters. She gets back to the office, and she was searching for Yoon. Seo didn’t like the product of Yoon; she said they are spending too much on marketing. Reporters ask Seo about her most difficult moment till now. She was replying to them.

In the next scene, we can see Seo running here and there in the office, and one guy is running behind her in a black hoodie. He was about to kill her. There was no one in the office to save her from that guy. She was so scared at that moment.

The guy comes inside her cabin with a hammer in his hand, but suddenly someone comes in, and that guy started running from that place. No one sees him. Seo called one guy from officials to tell about that guy. Seo sends Yoon to her place in the conference. While exercising, Seo was getting flashbacks of that black hoodie guy.

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Seo reaches at one meeting where one guy said her mother’s name, and he said that your mother signed up an insurance from him which was about five hundred million dollars. The guy she met, his name is Nam Tae Joo; he was an inspector of Hyeonwon Life Insurance. Mr. Seo, father of Jae Won, collected that insurance. The inspector was suspecting Jae’s father.

Jae’s father wasn’t her real father; her mother got remarried in 1988. After getting back home, she was telling everything to Heo. The next day she wakes up and goes to the office. She was getting flashbacks again of that night. She told Kim to stop that investigation due to one article came out of her name.

She leaves the office searching for her car. She was searching for something inside her car, and she finds the same black T-shirt which that guy was wearing who came to kill her. By mistake, she took the keys of another car.

But what she sees next was shocking. Yoon is driving that car in which the black T-shirt was there. She started doubting him; she wasn’t able to breathe properly. Seo leaves the office and goes to Heo’s gym. But when she reached the gym, she came to know that Heo stopped coming to that gym three months ago. Seo started having doubts about Heo that he’s hiding something.

She called someone and asked him if smartwatches can be tracked, and he replied yes. She got the location, and Yoon Jin calls her. She sees Heo with Yoon Jin, and she was totally devastated.

Yoon Seo gets back to the office, but she wasn’t able to process what she’d witnessed in the past two days. She was going through too many things at one time. Yoon asks Seo if she is hiding something, and Seo asks him, “Who the hell are you?” Yoon didn’t reply.

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Seo was roaming on the road; she drank so much, and she was crying. She was going back, someone was about to hit her with the car. Suddenly, one guy comes from behind in a black hoodie. She throws him inside the lake, and she was drowning. That was the starting scene of the series, but the police were there, and they saved her.

When Heo comes to know, he rushed to the hospital immediately, and Yoon was already present there. Jae wakes up; her father also arrived there. She was crying, and Episode 1 ends.



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