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Secret Invasion Season 1 Ending Explained | Plot, Summary and Recap

Secret Invasion Season 1 Ending Explained Episode 6: Marvel Studios Presents a Six-episodic Superhero series ” Secret Invasion” is currently streaming now in Hotstar with one episode, others will come on a weekly basis. In this article, we are going to discuss a recap of episode 6. Before starting the recap let’s know the quick overview of the series. The series is set in the Present day, where Nick Fury joins Maria Hill & Talos to prevent the secret Invasion of Skrulls to save the people of the earth.

Now we have a clear idea about ” Harvest” which is the DNA of Avengers. Nick has that and he is going to meet with Gravik one last time. Finally at the end let’s see who will survive till last. Everything we are going to discuss in this episode-wise recap.

Nick called his beloved one Priscilla, he still care about her so requested her to take care. After that, He reached in the Skrullos Site and killed the two guards at the Gate. So, Nick is fully ready for action. Soon he reached in the abandoned place with a high radiation alert. But, there is no one at that moment.

For the high radioactivity, he became weak. He finally came into the lab and there he found Gravik who already caged all other Skrulls. Gravik understands Nick is at his last breath and He also misplaced his pills. He just offered a drink to Nick. The body that Gravik possessed was the first victim of his life. When Gravik was young he was sent to do his first mission as Nick promised to give him their home. But the man that Grvaik killed had a life, a wife, and a child too. To follow the order Gravik killed that man and shapeshifted his body. But later Furry does not fulfill his promise so that’s why Gravik will kill him & after that everyone in this world.

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After the Thanos snap Nick vanished with some relief as he thought that nothing will happen and everything end but he returned in Earth again because of Gravik. Gravik was younger than Skrull on the Skrulls team that’s why Nick wanted to take responsibility of him. But things are not going as per his expectations, so that’s why he was thinking to handover the Harvested vial along with Carol Danvers’ DNA to Gravik with one condition. He requested Gravik to leave the World with it, but Gravik didn’t confirm it he just took that vial. Gravik stored it in a device that detects all DNA.

This is how everything will end? No, wait here comes the twist now. Gravik turned on his superpower machine Where Nick was taking his last breath. Soon that round place turned into a white energetic sphere and when it ended Gravik became a Skrull with Hulk’s power but not Only that he actually processed with all Superheros power.

So, he picked up Nick and tried to punch him but Nick’s hand also turned into a big Hulk-a-Like hand and when he punched Gravik He stormed out of that lab. And the Nick Fury with Whom Gravik is talking he isn’t the Real Nick Furry he is actually G’iah who shapeshifted herself. So, from now not only does Gravik have superheroic power also G’iah have it too. And she is on the way to take Revenge on her parents.

So, Nick is along with Sonya in the hospital. Two Superpowered Skull Gravik & G’iah righting together. We saw the marvelous power of G’iah she can turn her power from Ms.Marvek to Mantis, from Thor to Hulk and finally she killed Gravik. That’s how the story of Gravik is Ended, G’iah rescued all original officers along with Rhodes & Everett K. Ross.

Rhodey on the other side talking with President Ritson that he fast attack on Russia because of the Skrulls. But, the military admiral believes everything is a conspiracy. To prove everyone Rhodey shows them a real-time satellite image of Russian Tanks positions on the Finland & Ukrainian border. He tried hard to convince Ritson to attack on Russia. Right then, Sonya called Rhodes & fake alerted him that Nick Fury is coming in the hospital. Sonya arrived there to rescue President Ritson from Rhodes & she was quite good & captured Rhodes too. Right then, the Real Nick Fury arrived to help Sonya in the hospital .

Nick asked Ritson to stop the attack and Rhodes is actually a Skrull. He also said the Skrull rebels have kidnapped dozens of world officials along with Rhodes & their real bodies kept in pods of the Skrull compound. If President Nuke over Them everyone will die. But for President Ritson it’s hard to believe so, Nick shoot Rhodes and he turned out into a Skrull soon after soon President tries to Stop the attack.

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Ritson declared that’s all the conspiracy of Skrulls so he wants to find them and kill them. Nick finally stopped the world war but how he is going to Rescue the leftover Skrulls?  later Nick went to meet Priscilla and confirmed his love for her because he will leave the earth soon. On the other side, G’iah met with Sonya. Sonya came to help G’iah as because Riston declared war on The Skrulls, so G’iah must need resources to help her people. G’iah accepted the deal that both will help each other But after Ritson’s declaration people are started to doubt each other so everything are messed up that’s why Nick requested the president to stop killing Skrulls.

End of the episode, Nick met with Varra as well as Priscilla at one last time. He said her that the Good news came from S.A.B.E.R. that Kree is ready to talk for peace with Skrulls. But, Priscilla is unable to believe this. He requested Varra to come with him, but Varra said she had to be there. The series ended with a final kiss between Nick & Priscilla as she said she will back to earth soon because her people living here now.

The six episodes of Secret Invasion finally ended. Now, G’iah has a lots of superpowers which is a mix of the whole Avengers. But she discovered an experiment going over a bunch of people what leads to it isn’t disclosed in the series. But, Nick Fury left the world along with His love Priscilla so for now Sonya & G’iah is in earth. G’iah’s story will continue after it. Let’s see where She is going to meet with the other Avengers.

Although The Secret Invasion series is average. After a few failures, Marvel made a little comeback with this series. It will hook you to see till the last. But, from my view, they should disclose more at the end of the series as it was a rushed ending with no post-credit scene & The CGI was not good at all. Anyway, it will lead to a big surprise in the future and it’s worth waiting to see What will happen to G’iah & will she meet with Nick again or not? The Six-episodic Superhero series “Secret Invasion” currently streaming now in Hotstar with multiple languages along with subtitles.



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