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Justified City Primeval Episode 3: Recap, Summary and Ending Explained

Justified City Primeval Episode 3: FX originally presented eight -episodic American crime drama series ” Justified: City Primeval” from the ” Justified” franchise. It’s currently streaming now in Hotstar with two episodes rest are coming on a weekly basis.

In this article, we are going to episode-wise recap of this series but before this let’s have a knowledge of the story.In the popular show ” Justified” we know about a US Marshal known as Raylan Givens.” City Primeval” sets after Raylan is sent to Detroit city for a new journey.

Previously In episode 2, we see Raylan trying to catch Clement for murdering a judge. But, Clement is already with his daughter. Raylan is not the same sheriff he used to be moreover he is now a family man. So, how he going to manage everything? & how he is going to capture Clement? Let’s find out in the recap of Episode 3.

In Grosse Point Michigan Carolyn living her life. She is frustrated by the unpaid balance of the Federal Tax Lien from the IRS. So, she called Jamal to fix this. Right then, Clement arrived at her house. Clement is badly injured by the punches of Raylan. He requested Carolyn to caused on him because he is assaulted, but Carolyn replied that Clement deserved it because he messed up with US Marshal.

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Raylan went for lunch with his daughter Willa. Willa asked her father about yesterday’s activity but Raylan alerted her because Clement is a killer and he enjoyed killing people. Willa understands for his father is struggling because he is always thinking about his daughter. Raylan realizes his daughter needs a friend, with everyone she feels happy. But he wants to send her daughter to her mom, but Willa doesn’t want to go. But, anyway, she agreed to leave.

Police Arrested Sandy from Casino. They also went to Sweety’s bar and checked down everything to find out the murder weapon. Later they arrested Clement too. They started interrogating everyone. But they remain silent meanwhile Clement started singing. The Clement character is probably a psychopathic killer. They demanded their lawyer Carolyn and she arrived at the Police station soon. Without any proof the polices let them go. The next day when Clement asked Sandy about the gun which is a murder weapon, Sandy lied to him and said she dropped in the river.

Raylan met with Skender with Whom Sandy was on the day when Judge Guy was killed. He asked him about his relationship with Sandy. Skender said he married Sandy, and she is also close to her brother. Well, actually Skender met with Clement. Later he met with them and said he wants a family with Sandy. Skender is an Albanian kid, and so the police started to follow him.

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Inside the bar, Skender proposed to Sandy and then to impress his brother or RAYLAN he left that bar and the police to behind them. But, Clement is wise enough he didn’t go with them and he threw those police into the trap those police met with a car accident and lost the way to follow Skender.

Sandy & Clement went to Skender’s home. He has big property and inside a garage, he made a secret basement for a gym & PlayStation. There Clement found a secret vault when Skender opened it they found a bunch of collection of guns. But Clement wants more money and he wanted to which triggered Skender. Clement stopped pretending as his brother and tried to kill him. As Skender knows Clement must be the brother of Sandy but he doesn’t know the truth and is backstabbed by Sandy. Will he die? Or not?

At the airport when Raylan is ready to leave his daughter. Looking at her emotional face Raylan is unable to accept that she is leaving. Right then he got a call from Maureen Downey, who said about ” some damage” from Skender’s house. This episode isn’t revealed whether Skender died or not, will he die? &, Ryalan will stop his daughter or not? For knowing this answer we have to wait for next week.

Till then you can enjoy episode 3 of ” Justified: City Primeval” currently streaming now in Disney Plus Hotstar.



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