The Sympathizer Episode 3 Recap and Explained: “The Sympathizer” is an American war drama spy thriller series,which is currently streaming now on HBO Max & JioCinema. In this article, we are gonna discuss the recap of the third episode. Before we start our discussion let’s have a quick knowledge of the Story of this series.

The series is based on The novel of America professor & Novelist “Viet Thanh Nguyen” of the same name.
The series tells us about the lifestyle of a man known as “The Captain”, he is half-French, half-Vietnamese & moreover he is a spy. So, picking up from where we left off. Captain takes Bon to meet with the general. But, he is unable to say Anything about his friend Bon so the General ordered him to hunt down Major as soon as possible.

So there are three possibilities, A public execution, an unfortunate accident Or a mysterious disappearance of Bon. Captain replied, a public execution disguised as an unfortunate accident. Bon said Captain has no experience with all of this.  Meantime, Bon said about the ” F-6 program”. It was a top-secret program according to him. Captain said ” The F-6, is the Grim Reaper”, which is horrifying to learn his friend was a trained assassin who had killed dozens of comrades. the captain thought of using it.

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So, now they are targeting Major as a spy. Who is a nice guy who helps people with sweet candies? They are spying on Major more to find out everything about him. They went into his home secretly but unable to do anything as they had no plans. Meanwhile, the mother of Major comes up & meets with them. Major is selling candies all over America. Major’s mother said that they were throwing a party because she was getting older as she is turning eighty years old. They old lady said it was a ” Longevity party”.

The old lady is very sweet she is taking care of Captain. She asks him to bring Lady love with him to this party. While they are sneaking into Major’s home they old lady treats them very well. Her son wants to be a candy salesman in America.

Later Captain invited Ms.Mori into the ” Longevity party”. Ms. Mori agreed to go there. Right then, Claude is passing there as a Gay guy with a dog. This time he is in another look. When the Captain asks him, if he is a homosexual, Claude says “I’m whatever I need to be, just like you”. He ordered the Captain to hunt down Major & keep general Happy. The captain asks what will happen if he is unable to get any proof about Major, So Claude replies that the captain must look out for the next guy & the next guy after Major untill he figures out something.

The captain is unable to decide if he will kill major or not. Major is a good guy. Later they try to look daily routine of Major and find that he meets a secret guy at night. Major said he is his business partner. He said he has a small exporting side business on Expired candies. He sells them & gets a good amount of money. Major also added that he is trying to bolster the black market in Saigon which also destabilizes the commie regimes economy.

Captain asked him ‘ you’re Hawking rotten American Candy back to our own people?” Major replied, ” they’re not Rotten”. Major requests the captain not to say anything to the General. The guy motivated the captain to enjoy life in America. He hugged him & said to enjoy this place.

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Captain was telling this story to Commander Commandant, meanwhile, one Army came and said Commandant ” The instigator is at it again”. As the dammed camp can’t function without Commandant he left and ordered Captain to write more. Later commandant reached there & read whatever the Captain wrote down.

Let’s drive into the ” Longevity party”. General’s Daughter Lana performs the song at this Longevity party. Father, the General Unable to bear that his daughter is singing at the Moles’ party. APart from that everyone enjoyed the party, Ms Mori too. Captain met with Lana & congratulated her for her awesome voice. Lana grabbed his hand but soon Ms.Mori reached there. The captain introduced them by saying Lana is a general’s Daughter & Mori is the captain’s boss. Meantime, Major gives a very awkward speech to his mother making everyone emotional.

Right this moment we got an appearance of Third Downey disguised character. This time he is a congressman Ned Godwin. Who is a former soldier fighting against the Vietnamese Congress? He gifted Major’s mother a knife, which he used in a fight during the war. The journalist Guy informed Ms.Mori that it’s ” bad luck” to gift a knife to a Vietnamese person. Again this is a weird character. He started to use slogans during the birthday party. Major has a sweet family one twin baby. He is a respectful guy so the captain dares to kill him.

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Later after the day of the party, Captain served the candy boxes in Majors godown. Major is a good guy wishing to be a real American. He invited the Captain to celebrate this Joy on the First Independence day in America. He added that this year will be bigger as the sky will be full of fireworks. So, Captain & Bon decided they would Target the fourth of July when the sky would be full of fireworks. the captain wears a fake wig that nobody recognises him.

He went inside with a gun into a fast-food bag to take up Major’s life. But, his place didn’t work at all as he was super nervous. Suddenly, the fireworks ended & he lost the chance of killing him. After a lot of hesitation, he is finally able to shoot him, meanwhile, Bon comes up to finish this job perfectly. After the job was done, the Captain called the general to inform them that he had finished his job, The General asked him to write a eulogy for the man for Major’s funeral. Later Bon asks Captian That is he sure that Major was a spy? Captain replied, ” Who cares?”.

Captain is unable to forget what happened because he also knows that Major is a good guy. He remembered the moment when he used to torture a fellow communist Sympathizer because of Claude. It was in a CIA safe house, 18 months earlier. Captain tried to break that man so hard that the man began to stop complaining. The guy said he wanted some boiled eggs for breakfast. Captain chocked him by the boiled egg so that the guy died & unable to leak any information but the guy dead. After that, he is unable to forget about the boiled egg.

Back into the present, Captain framed major by putting a secret code with that Guy. So, the CIA is sure that Major was an SPH for a long time.

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Later, Claude gives a gun & a letter to the captain. The letter suspects that the Captain is a spy. Captain asks ” How do you know’ Him ‘ means me ?”. Claude replied at the liquor store someone pegged Captain for a spy most probably That journalist. Moreover, he pegged a guy whom Calude trusts most.

Later Captain & Claude heading towards the next harbour for the captain’s next voyage. Captain went into a big hotel where all three Downey’s are present along with a fourth one known as ” Nicos Damianos “. Who is a filmmaker & wants Captain in his next movie?

The whole scene is just insane unable to think what’s actually going on. As Downey really fooling us badly. The next movie of Nicos is “The Hamlet”. Later we see Claude is singing, and others in Downey are busy with various girls. The whole scene cuts into the Captain’s past in the village with his mother. That’s how this episode ended.

All three episodes of ” The Sympathizer” is currently streaming now in Max & JioCinema with English language along with subtitles.



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