Secret Invasion Episode 5: Marvel Studios Presents a Six-episodic Superhero series ” Secret Invasion” which is currently streaming now in Hotstar with one episode, others will come on a weekly basis. In this article, we are going to discuss a recap of episode 5. Before starting the recap let’s know the quick overview of the series.

The series is set in the Present day, where Nick Fury joins Maria Hill & Talos to prevent the secret Invasion of Skrulls to save the people of the earth. Episode 4 ended with a big loss. To save the earth Talos sacrifice his life which was soo heartbreaking. G’iah have now superpowers will she return to seek revenge from Gravik? Or not? & how Nick will deal with Gravik as he has some special powers? Let’s know everything in the recap of this episode.

Nick has taken President Ritson to the hospital as he doesn’t believe anyone he waits there as a guard to avoid any problem. Pagon Reach their base after the fight along With Beto, Gravik, and Maria Hill’s shapeshifter. It seems like Pagon isn’t happy with Gravik’s decision as Gravik Ordered Varra( wife of Nick Fury) to kill Nick Furry and she failed. Later Gravik Ordered them to assemble the operators.

They aren’t happy because they failed to assassinate President Ritson. Gravik is actually trying to steal Avenger’s DNA to become more powerful that’s why he trying to kill Nick Fury. but Pagon wasn’t supporting him so when he raised his voice Gravik killed him with his Groot’s like hand it’s now his superpower. Now, he decided to kill also Varra as she failed to kill Nick Fury she became a traitor. Pagon’s death made a huge impact on young Skrull Beto, maybe he will be against him soon.

After the meeting finished Gravik called Rhodes to know where he is now, Rhodes is heading towards the hospital to kill President Ritson. Gravik declined his plan because he wants President Ritson alive, he also wanted him to know that attack was not only the plan of the Russians but also of Skrulls too.

Here finally we know about the name of Skrull who takes the appearance of Rhodes, she is Raava. Gravik Ordered him to make Ritson believe that Skrulls are living now in Russia, they must be eliminated. Gravik plan became monstrous as he knew Fury don’t want to see a world war or the innocent Skrulls die. Gravik’s wants to play with the emotions of Nick because he knows Nick is became weak. He also mentioned if his plan became failed he will implement his master plan which is ” sacrifice”.

Rhodes reaches the hospital where he met with Nick. Rhodes threatened Nick by spreading his footage of killing Maria Hill ( which was not Nick, it was Gravik in the appearance of Nick). Nick Knows that’s not real but it seems he doesn’t want to do anything in a hurry, he left the hospital by saying to Rhodes that” he will come for Gravik “.

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Back in London, the video of Former S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury’s video murdering Agent Maria Hill is now telecasting on a news channel. Director Weatherby saw that new in his office at that moment Sonya reach and shot in his leg. As Sonya wants to show Whetherby’s true colors as he is actually a Skrull. She wants to know the location of Dr. Rosa Dalton from that Director.

Beto is met with Gravik to talk with him for Pagon. He ignored him & talk with Rhodes to know about President Ritson. Right at that moment some Skrulls attacked behind him but all of them failed because Gravik has now huge power. He all alone tackled everyone and Killed Beto.

Nick went into an apartment to meet with G’iah. He spoke about Talos, as he don’t want his sacrifice as a waste. But G’iah isn’t happy about her father’s death because her father sacrifice his life on another planet. Nick ordered her to stay strong and fight in this situation. Nick asked G’iah what DNA Gravik steal, and G’iah replied he just steal a few samples of “Cull Obsidian, Flora Colossus”.

But, it’s not like Grafik wants these, what he wants to ache he is unable to find. The thing he mostly wants is ” The Harvest”. G’iah wants to bury her father’s dead body, so Nick gave her a key and is instructed to go & met with Priscilla. On the other side, Nick is heading towards Finland.

Sonya met with the Dalton couple. There she finds out that the couple is working on some samples which are quite transgressive. But she wants to hear more explanation from Dr. Rosa Dalton. What Rosa said to her isn’t revealed but we can assume that Rosa’s experiment must be very dangerous. Sonya burned her lab so that she can’t work into it in the future.

G’iah went to meet with Priscilla. But she found there Priscilla already ready with a gun as she was assuming G’iah must be here to kill her. Later, G’iah said she came actually for her father. Priscilla talked about him, he used to be their general who love their people. In between sorrow and grief, Priscilla & G’iah completed the funeral process of Talos. G’iah asked her why Gravik wants to kill her. Priscilla replied Gravik wants because she didn’t obey his order. As she knows Gravik must attack her & soon some Skrulls are coming there to attack them. G’ aah along with Priscilla succeeds to prevent their attack and killing these soldiers.


Rhodes met with President Ritson and said that Russians are working with Skrulls. He also said that they must be cleared all Skrulls from the earth for this England & all other NATO countries will help them. Ritson knows an attack in Russia to remove the Skrulls can lead to the Third world war, but Rhodes alerts him that Skrulls are more dangerous that’s why they must be eliminated first.

On the other side, Gravik called Nick Fury for a discussion about a new deal. He wants the harvest if Nick Brings it to him and he will stop it all. He also added if Nick doesn’t agree on the deal, President Ritson will attack the new Skrull base which can again lead to a World war as their base is situated near a Nuclear plant.

After talking with him Nick went into a Private jet heading towards to Finland. In the airport it’s become a notice as ” Nick Furry” is in the wanted list. So, he used the “Widows Veil” to hide his face but it was the body. He met with Sonya & went to a place that is 294 KM from the Russia Border.

Sonya thinks Rhodes is in charge of all of this because he wanted the corroboration on the New Skrullos Site so she gave him everything as she doesn’t know Rhodes is also a Skrull. Nick also spoke about Gravik’s deal, if he didn’t hand over Harvest to him Rhodes is going to incinerate the Skrulls compound including all the Skrulls & humans trapped inside. Soon after soon, Russia will also attack and so the world war will, now the question is what is actually ” The Harvest” is.

Let’s know it, so when the Avengers spilled their blood to save the earth also Carol Danvers did too. After everything ended, some went in the aftermath to collect the DNA from the place those have the ability to blend in. Nobody knows about this instead of Nick & the collectors and Gravik was the leader of those collectors. So, that time he got the idea to make the super Skrull machine. They reached in between a Forrest, as whatever happened Nick is responsible so he wants to solve this matter. He reached there near a grave where he found a graveyard and stand in front of his own grave.

He used to come here along with Priscilla for the Honeymoon as Skrulls loves the cold. Surprisingly he blew on that tombstone and suddenly it opened up with a vial inside it which have a lot of DNA samples of the Avengers & he wants to handover it to Gravik. After that inside a little mausoleum with some secrets locker, Nick takes out a Gun & his iconic cosmetic eyepatch. And ready for the final blow.

The very last episode was good enough. It seems Nick is finally back into his action. He is ready to meet with Gravik for the last time and solve the matter behind them. On the other side, G’iah accepted her father’s death but is she ready to take revenge?

The name of the series is ” Harvest” which is the most powerful thing. If Gravik takes it it can create a huge mass because the ” Harvest” have the DNAs of the Avengers. But, Nick doesn’t want to call his fellow Avengers friends as he knows all the problems are created by only him so he wants to solve this case all alone. Let’s see if he will succeed or not. in the last episode of Secret Invasion.

Til then you can watch five episodes of “Secret Invasion” streaming now on Disney plus Hotstar along with Hindi, and English audio.



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