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Quicksand Movie (2023) Summary and Ending Explained

The latest Horror Drama is now streaming on Shudder in the English language, and in this article, we are going to give you a recap of the movie, so without wasting any time, let’s get started.

The movie begins in Las Arenas, where a couple, Josh and Sofia, arrive in Bogota, Colombia. They are both doctors and are here for a conference. There, they meet Marcos, who is Josh’s friend. They talk for a while, and he shows them their room. However, they are not happy with the room, and we come to know that their marriage is about to break apart.

They are unhappy because there is only one bed, and they have been sleeping alone for a while now. In the night, Marcos and Josh decide to hike the next morning, but Marcos is not able to come with them due to some reason. Nevertheless, Sofia wants to go hiking, and Josh goes with her. The hotel manager warns them to be safe and not to go towards Las Arenas, as this area is dangerous. He gives a signal to a man sitting there, suggesting that they may encounter robbers targeting tourists.

As they go hiking, thunder starts, and they decide to return back, but they see the man from the hotel trying to break the glass of their car to steal something. Josh starts fighting with him, and they escape to the forest to protect themselves, but Sofia falls into a mud pool that turns out to be quicksand.

Josh tries to pull her out but ends up in the quicksand too. Josh’s idea is to remain calm as he believes that no one has died in quicksand before. However, they see a dead body under them and a bag containing a knife, a torch, and a rifle. Now, Josh’s plan is to make a rope and throw it to the rock, which can handle the weight of Sofia, to help her get out.

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But their plan doesn’t work as the rope is not long enough to reach the rock. Next, they see a helicopter, but it is unable to spot them. Their problems get bigger as ants start crawling on Sofia’s neck, and she also worries that they will die due to dehydration as the bottles in her backpack got stolen. However, Josh was carrying a bottle of alcohol, and he uses it to wash her neck. But she is angry with him as he didn’t tell her about this and that they could have drunk the alcohol to stay hydrated.

The Ending

Next, they see a snake coming towards them. Josh tells Sofia to shoot the snake, but the snake manages to bite Josh, and the poison starts spreading in his body. Sofia says that they still have 6 hours before the poison could damage his organs. Meanwhile, Marcos manages to find out where his friends are by trading a watch with the robber. He tells the police that he is a doctor, and his friends are in danger, and he needs to save them.

In the forest, Josh’s poison continues to spread, so Sofia comes up with the idea to cut the wound because it is making it hard to control the supply of poison to his brain. Josh then confesses his feelings to her and faints. Sofia then comes up with the idea to use the snake to make the rope longer, so she tries to shoot the snake, but it wraps around her. Josh regains consciousness and manages to kill the snake with a knife.

He then makes the rope longer, and Sofia gets out of the quicksand. She asks Josh to hold her hand, but he is unable to move, so he tells her to go and save herself. She goes but faints on the way. Fortunately, Marcos arrives with an ambulance, and they manage to save Josh, and the movie ends.


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