Santo Season 1 Review Netflix: A Spanish-Brazilian crime thriller series, released on Netflix on 16th September 2022. Santo follows the story of two cops who work together to take down a drug dealer whose face has never been seen.

It is a thriller series that sometimes resembles horror, with its supernatural elements. Two police officers who go after the drug lord, Cardona, and Millán, are initially vastly opposed, but they will have to learn to fraternize and acknowledge each other in order to solve the case and stay alive.


There are really good twists in the show and often tell a lot about some of the main characters in the show. It’s good to see that some of the main characters, even though on the good side have a calamitous side of their own.

Every character has a backstory and each person who is involved has their own collateral reasons for carrying out their work and going after such a daunting criminal.


The show tries to accomplish a convoluted thriller with a very bewildering narrative. There are time capers in every episode, Instead of cushioning in these details, they replicate the alike storylines by adding new scenes to explain what went down, which is completely dispensable.

There Are 6 episodes in total with a runtime of about 43-50 minutes respectively.

Santo definitely adds brings something fascinating when it tries to add occult rituals to the crimes but with the misplaced timelines, it struggles, even though being good-paced. In terms of keeping up the suspense mystery about its unseen crime lord, the series is able to continue, till the very last moment.

The added layer of a satanic cult and its gory rituals add a rush of horror and fear to the story, which is apart from that of a typical police crime investigation series.

Rating: 6.7/10

Review By: Tarun Mohtra



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