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Middle Class Love Review: Cute, Funny & Wholesome

Middle Class Love Review: Love is something that we cannot contain in words, it is boundless and comes in all forms and this new film by Ratnaa Sinha titled “Middle-Class Love” shows you just that.

It camouflages itself with a coating of Middle-Class Family but towards the end, it gives you far more than the typical love story that Bollywood has mostly given us and with it, a lesson about family & friendship as well.

Middle Class Love, as the first two words suggest, is about a charming and cheesy guy named Yudhishthir who is tired of his life as a part of a Middle-Class Family and wants to break free from this cycle.

His plan of doing that is to get into a relationship with the city’s most famous girl and for that, he can go to any limits let it be making another girl fall in love with her or breaking her heart. Predictable and something you’ve already seen before, right? Well, maybe.

For someone who was hell-bent on getting out of the Middle-Class thinking and his mediocre life, he finds himself at a crossroads where he’s come so far that his own people that he so dearly loves are left behind and that realization sets him on another journey of self-realization and being comfortable with who he is.

It is not just a story about a Middle-Class boy trying to find himself a rich girl, it starts off like that but then it takes several turns and ends up into wholesome entertainment.

Strong Points

Prit Kamani, in this tribute to a Middle-Class life, is just amazing. Not to forget that there are other actors at play here and they have done their roles amazingly but Prit stands out here because as the lead he’s done full justice to the role. He is charming and suits perfectly.


Middle-Class Love starts off with a song but all in all, it doesn’t have a lot of them and the ones it does, do not feel stuffed unnecessarily which is quite good. One song might give you old Bollywood “Sooraj Hua Maddham” feels and if you’re a fan of that, it’s nostalgic. The music is composed by Himesh Reshammiya and that itself is enough.

Not That Long, cute & wholesome

The film is not that long with a runtime of 122 minutes and the screenplay does not let you stray away. Given the plot of the film and how it develops, it is very cute and by the end of the film, you are presented with something that you had predicted before with a lot more things and a definite change than the typical love stories of Bollywood.
Weak Points of Middle-Class Love.

Weak Points
Bit Predictable with the same old formula

The film, if you look broadly feels like Student of The Year at some times. The story gets predictable at one point as well because we’ve seen this before.

Final Words: 3/5

For a film that is giving you wholesome entertainment with a well-written script, the story does get a bit predictable but handles it very well along the way when it gives you more than you can expect.

Not only it does do justice to a Middle-Class family’s issues but also reflects upon the troubled lives of the privileged. If we’re looking for wholesome family entertainment, we’ve got it in this film.


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