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Middle Class Love Ending Explained

Middle Class Love Ending Explained: Middle Class Love has made its way to the theatres near you and for a film that is wholesome and funny, it deserves an audience in the form of a family because it portrays the life of a Middle-Class family but with the same scope, it covers a whole lot and that deserves praise.

What makes Middle Class Love different from the other films is the ending and how the lead Yudhishthir makes his peace.

Towards the end of the film, Yudi (Yudhishthir) is at the College fundraiser with him mother, elder brother, and his best friend on the Food Stall as this is his last day at the college. He becomes successful in making peace between Sahesha and Aish over a misunderstanding and now they’re best friends again, he hopes that both of them will forgive him for hurting them.

They forgive him after he apologizes and tells them that friendship is more important because love and guys will come and go but they have each other. After Yudi wins the trophy for Best Stall at the Fundraiser, he takes his mother along with him to receive the award and then his father arrives who is upset with him because he lied to him before about paying college fees, and instead he used it to seem cool in front of the rich kids.

Yudi after winning is asked to perform stand-up and in doing so, he talks about a Middle-Class family and how each family member is a superhero instead of the youngest child of the family and then moves his speech to break a stereotype of fathers and sons that there are not a lot of hearty talks between them by saying “I love you” to his father in front of the whole crowd.

The film ends shortly after that, when he keeping his Middle-Class Family personality and vibe still becomes that cool guy he so wanted to become so badly.




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