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Dahan Ending Explained | Hotstar | Raakan Ka Rahasya

Dahan Rakan Ka Rahasya Ending Explained: I love the shows with complex endings, Hotstar’s original series Dahan Raakan a Rahasya is one of them, The ending of the show was very smooth but it ended with so much confusion, now many of our readers were asking about the ending explanation of the show.

So here we are with the Ending Explained of the Hotstar original series Dahan, The Show is now available to watch on Hostatr with 9 episodes, all episodes are around 40 Minutes, the show is not suitable to watch with small Kids. Let’s Jump to the Ending.

Dahan web series has an open ending, Like Ayushaman’s Khurana film Andhadhu, It means the makers have left it to the audiences to decide the ending as per the thoughts, Here are some of the theories which are possible according to us. If you have another theory in mind, You can comment below, we will also add that if we find that interesting.

The First theory, Avani is ‘Haadika’, and it’s her Rebirth, She is here to take revenge for her Son’s death and to give him Moksha so she first Killed the whole family of ‘Pramukh’ and now burns the roots of Sheela Sthal where his son was trapped. To prove this theory, there are many supportive sequences, First, she didn’t get affected by the Virus, and when even the doctor confirms that she has hereditary genes for the Virus. While returning home, She didn’t throw the coin too and that adds another Proof in the support of the first theory.

Coming to the Second theory, There is a huge chance that there is no Supernatural thing in the Shislashpura and everything is scientific, Avani finally gets rid of the root cause of the issue and she with the help of her son burns the root.

In the end, She asks her son to throw the Coin, to build trust with him that she believes him and she really cares for him. In the ending, we also get to see that, Avani didn’t throw the coin, It was again proof that She still doesn’t believe in these supernatural things and she still believes that all of these were scientific phenomena.

So these were our thoughts about the ending of the Hotstar original show, what do you think about it?, Please let us know in the comments, if you have any more possible theories, you can also tell us in the comments.



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