Rough Diamonds Episode 5

Rough Diamonds Episode 5: Recap & Ending Explained

Rough Diamonds Episode 5: The episode begins with Sarah, Noah, and Eli getting ready for the 10th edition of Antwerp Rough Diamond Week. Noah meets Arthur Goldman to convince him to add their names to the list for the meeting. Smets questions Eli if he knows the names of the Albanians. Gila meets Yahuda in a supermarket and asks about each other’s well-being. Noah gets a call from Matthias. Noah meets Mr. Tahiri at a place.

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Tahiri asks Noah to arrange a meeting for Matthias with a minister in the Brazilian government as his name is on the list. Noah agrees to him but, in return, wants no more contact with his family. Marie picks up Tommy and drops him off at Gila’s. Gila asks Tommy who Marie was and comes to know that she sleeps at Noah’s sometimes.

Noah and Gila spend some quality time together by having wine after leaving their kids for a sleepover. They both get intimate and go to their place. Kerry calls Noah and questions him about cutting the three-way deal and tells him not to proceed with the deal. Noah and Adina talk about the offer with the minister. Gila gets a call from Tova that Yehuda wants to see her and is interested in her. Tova tells her to make this work so that she will be able to go to New York and make a fresh start. Gila meets Yehuda at a hotel. Smets asks Eli for proof by putting a hidden camera on him.

Noah takes Diego to a pub. Diego tells Noah about Franco. He suggests him, Matthias if he wants to do business. Noah brings a treat to Gila and Tommy. Tova comes over to Gila and says Yehuda wants to wed her. She is pressured to think about her kids and make wise decisions.

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Noah calls Kerry and informs her that he has done what Matthias has asked him to do, and also lets her know that they would still continue to do business with her. Eli’s wife asks him about his second mobile. She suspects him if he is seeing someone else. Eli says that a prosecutor from the financial division gave him that mobile. Rivki tells him to get out of that mess somehow because she can’t afford him going to jail a week before their daughter’s wedding. Eli wears a hidden camera and goes to the bank to deposit money. Smets guides him through the call. Eli tells him to transfer the money to his account. Eli takes a picture of the transactions.

Before the meeting begins, Noah tells Sarah and Eli not to accept the deal and goes away. The episode ends with Noah walking down the hallway after not attending the meeting.


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