Rough Diamonds Episode 4: We are covering the Episode wise Recap of Netflix’s newly released show Rough Diamonds. We have already covered the Episode 2 and Episode 3 Recaps. Here goes the Episode 4 Recap of the show.

Episode 04 begins with an event taking a shocking turn as Ezra passes away. The Wolfsons mourn his death. Speyer realizes his mistake and sends a message about how bad he feels for the way he behaved at the dinner. Adina requests Sarah to come and live with her for a few days. Smets calls Eli and reminds him about their deal.

Benny informs Eli that Sarah wants to transfer company shares and split everything equally among the three siblings. Benny provokes Eli by saying that power would be transferred to Adina and Noah since they are on the same side. Benny and Eli meet Mr. Rosenberg, who wants to invest in their business.

Eli and Rosenberg become business partners. Noah meets the Albanian mob and finds out that the delivery to London cannot be made. Benny and Eli meet Fogel and strike a deal with him. Fogel calls Adina and informs her that Eli just met him. Adina calls Noah and tells him about Eli’s true intentions.

Eli and Benny inform Sarah about their business deal with Rosenberg. Adina and Noah confront Eli about his deal. He tells them that Sarah already agreed to it, and they have a meeting with lawyers the following day. Gila sneaks out with Tommy and her children to the movie theater.

Noah asks Adina for a van to transport the drugs. Noah and Adina have an argument over their three-way deal. Adina calls Speyer and makes arrangements. She comes to know that it was Benny who manipulated Eli about the partnership. Eli comes to know that he has been cheated by Benny. Noah goes to Gila’s place to take Tommy.

Gila kisses Noah before handing Tommy to him. At the office, Benny comes to know that his entry pass has been revoked. Sarah expresses her concern about the rising issues in the family. The lawyers say that all the shares will be transferred to Adina. Sarah says she trusts her more than Noah and Eli. Adina says she cannot run the firm alone and requests that the shares be equally divided among the three.

Sarah agrees to Adina’s request, and they decide from then on they will tackle every issue together. Kerry calls Noah and informs him they want to go again. Noah tells her that this is a one-time deal, and he cannot make the Albanians do partnerships with their family. Eli meets Smets at the location, and the episode ends with him getting into her car.


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