Adapted from the best-selling “Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany” by Donald Miller, AppleTV released another historical war drama series based on true events and real characters from the creators of “Band of Brothers” with the executive producers Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

The story is about the American bomber group who fought against Nazis in World War II. The bombing missions and their struggles on every mission is shown in the series.

The last episode was good compared with the initial episodes. Egan and Cleven are at the prison with other American soldiers. They are trying to cope with the situation at the prison but also trying ways to get out. They are trying to make a radio device to intercept the signals. Cleven is the one making the radio, others are helping him with the things needed for it.

The German police officers are rude to them at occasions, they killed the prisoners who tried to run away from there. Egan asks Cleven if he is willing to come with him if he plans to flee from the prison. Cleven says it will be a death mission if they try to go out they can’t get out in one piece.

Crosby is bored of his office work, he still kept sending letters to his home. Quinn and Bailey came back to the camp, everyone got happy to see them. But they can’t fly anymore because if they get caught again germans will torture them. Crosby is meeting the lady he met at Oxford that day. He is in a physical relationship with her. Rosenthal is now a very reputed pilot at the army. He finished his 25missions and came back without having any injuries which made him very popular. Everyone celebrated his return on his 25th mission.

Egan and Cleven are still trying to work out the radio, while testing the radio device Cleven heard German voices which looked like it was from a BBC channel. After many missions, the crew died every day which made Rosenthal rethink his going back home. He can go home after finishing 25 missions, but he now finished 30. But Rosenthal asks for keeping him here so that he can work with others to help them in missions. The CO appoints him as commander after making sure he is serious about staying here.

The last episode had one war scene, which was very good. Even though it had some VFX drawbacks the shots were amazing. The last episode had many good moments, especially Egan and Cleven’s combo scenes at the prison are very interesting to watch. The next episode promo shows some more interesting things that might happen at the prison and at the camp. Let’s see what will happen to Egan and Cleven if they continue their trying to leave the prison.

Episode 8 will be available in Appletv 8th of March. It is expected to have about 51 minutes runtime for episode 8. The first seven episodes are available to stream on AppleTV with English language and subtitles.



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