Rough Diamonds Episode 3: The third episode begins with Noah stating that he had a reason to talk with the Albanian mob and that they would repay the 1.5 million, but for that, they want another deal for 5 million this time. Eli is concerned about working with Albanian criminals but is left with no other option. You can also check the Episode 2 Recap of the show for better connection.

Kerry makes Tommy understand that his family is in London now, and he is a McCabe now. Noah assures Sammy that Albanians won’t trouble him anymore. Gila, on the other hand, is mending her broken life. The Wolfsons meet Fogal and repay his debt, to which he says to transfer the money to his account, not give it to him in cash. Adina says she wants to continue doing business with Fogal. Noah and Tommy help Tate with deliveries.

Gila meets a person named Herman to look for a potential partner. Herman serves Gila tea. Meanwhile, Adina is looking for new people to expand their business. Noah sees Gila and Herman. He questions her decisions and offends her.

Sanchez, a diamond trader, is ready to do business with the Wolfsons, but they have to vote for Chatur as president against Speyer. Eli is worried because Tate would not want it. Meanwhile, Smets calls Eli and informs him that she wants to meet him regarding his brother’s death. Noah meets Marie in a bar, and they both get intimate.

Noah delivers the diamonds to the Albanians. The election results are announced, and Chatur is announced as the President. Speyer sees Eli and Adina shaking hands with Chatur.

Kerry tells Noah that the deal is not done until the product is delivered to London. Eli meets Smets. Smets informs him that the police are looking into their business. Smets shows a photograph of Eli having a meeting and making deals with someone. Smets asks Eli to work for her, and she would make the police drop the case.

Speyer reveals to Tate that Eli and Adina voted for Chatur. Ezra falls down the steps after having an attack. Noah visits Tate. Tate tells Noah that Eli and Adina let him down. Tate reprimands Noah for abandoning his family and God.

He tells Noah that he cannot lead. Later, Noah and Tommy share a warm hug. The episode ends with Noah joining the family in prayer for Tate’s good health.



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