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Richard Evonitz Real Image, How Did He Died? | Lifetime | The Kara Robinson Story

Richard Evonitz Real Image: There are huge chances that you Just finished the Lifetime original film ‘The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story’ and now you are looking to know more about the Killer, here we are going to you about him and how he died.

Richard Evonitz kidnapped Kara Robinson, after kidnapping her he took her to his apartment,  Richard abused and rap3d Kara for 18 Hours before Kara Escaped from his apartment.

Richard Evonitz was in the US Navy, in 1987 Richard [email protected]@rbated in front of a 15-year-old girl in a park, He was arrested for this and sentenced to three years probation.

Kara Robinson Escaped from his apartment and told everything to the police, Police search his house and find out that Richard Evonitz is a Serial Killer Who killed three 15-year-old teenage girls.

Meanwhile,  Richard leaves his apartment after knowing that Kara Escaped, While Police Search his apartment and find a box where they found some proof that Richard may be a serial killer.

When Kara was at his home Kara absorbed and remembered everything like Richard’s doctor’s number and she also finds out that Richard was in the Navy. Kara’s information really helped the Police and they found out the number of her sister. Richard’s sister tells the police that Richard is coming to talk with her in his favorite Restaurant.

Police waited for him and they found Richard. Richard tries to escape, but he fails, Richard then killed himself with his own gun.

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