You are here which means you have just finished the Lifetime original film The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Chamberlain Story, after watching the film you must be thinking about Kara and You want to know more about her, here go the details.

Kara Robinson is a 15-year-old girl kidnapped from her friend’s house by a serial killer, What happened to Kara Robinson?

Where is Kara Robinson Now?

Kara Robinson is with her friend Jess and they have a plan to go out, Kara goes to the lawn where her friend goes to Washroom, A man in a black car comes to the lawn and asks Kara if her parents are in the home, Kara said that no the parents aren’t in the home and it’s not her home it’s her friend’s home. That man kidnapped Kara and took her to his apartment.

Now Coming to the Topic, where is she now, and what she is doing as of now;

Kara Robinson Now became an advocate, and she also produced and co-host a podcast for the survivors. Kara is very active on the internet and you can find her on Instagram and Twitter.



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