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How Kara Robinson Escaped? | Lifetime | Kara Robinson Chamberlain

How Kara Robinson Escaped?: One of the most thrilling things about the lifetime original film ‘The Girl Who Escaped The Kara Robinson Story’ is how Kara Survived and Escaped from the Killer, For all those who missed the details in the film, here we are going to explain the same.

Throughout the kidnapping, Kara always thinks of escaping, but she always thinks about the consequences she may face while escaping. Richard had a gun, if Kara tries to escape Richard may kill her. That’s why Kara never tries to escape.

At night Richard ties Kara with a pin lock, When Kara Wake-up in the morning, she finds that Richard is sleeping. Kara then tries to open that lock with her mouth and she succeeds in it, first she opens her hands then her legs, Kara then tries to escape the home sneakily.

After coming out of the apartment she ran and found a father and son who were passing by the road and asked them to drop her at the police station.

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