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Rat In The Kitchen Ending Explained | Jio Cinema

Rat In The Kitchen Ending Explained: The Jio Cinema Film Fest week is going on, and during this week, Jio Cinema is releasing one short film every day. The newly released film is titled ‘Rat in the Kitchen.’ The film is around 20 minutes long and is currently streaming on Jio Cinema. It’s a thriller film, and the climax is sure to shock you.

The film stars Mantra and Amit Jha in the main lead roles, with Aishwarya Desai and Disha Khatri in supporting roles. Many of you have been asking about the ending explanation of the film, and here it is.

The story of the film revolves around Vikram, who is about to get divorced from his wife, Riya. One day, when Vikram returns home, he discovers that his kitchen is messy, with food items scattered all over the place. He thought that there might be some insects in the kitchen, so he called for pest control. The next morning, when the pest control team cleaned the room, they advised him that there might be a rat entering his home, so he should install CCTV cameras in his house.

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The next day, when Vikram returned home, he saw that his wife was waiting for him outside his building. Riya and Vikram went to their apartment, and once again, Vikram noticed that his kitchen was completely messed up. He immediately called CCTV to come and install the cameras in his apartment the next day. On the same night, Riya and Vikram had an argument over signing the divorce papers. Vikram asked Riya to leave, and the screen went blank.

The next morning, when Vikram returned home, he saw that the kitchen was clean, and everything was well placed. In the middle of the night, when he started checking the footage, he was shocked to see a woman entering from his bedroom, going to the kitchen, getting some food and drink, and then returning to his bedroom. Vikram was shocked and surprised to see this, and when he went to his room, he found a woman in his cupboard, and the movie ended there.

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Now, many of you may be wondering who that woman was and how she got there. Some of you may even speculate that the woman was Riya. Here, we are going to provide answers to these questions. Firstly, the woman in his cupboard is not Riya, as there is a significant age difference between Riya and the woman. Now, addressing the second question, who was that woman? That woman could be anyone, perhaps a beggar from the street or a homeless woman. To support this statement, we have a similar real-life case example.

As the film suggests, it is based on a true story. You can check on the internet that a similar case happened in 2009, and the film is based on the same incident. The incident took place in New York when a man named Joe Cummings discovered through CCTV that a woman had been living inside his bedroom for more than two weeks. The news reporter at the end of the film also confirms the same.

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