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What Happened To Eli In ‘Reptile’? – Eli Phillips Dead Or Alive?

What Happened To Eli In ‘Reptile’?: One of the crucial characters from the Netflix original crime thriller film ‘Reptile’ is Eli Phillips. Many of you who have watched the film may wonder what really happened to ‘Eli Phillips’ in the movie. Here, we are going to tell you everything about that.

Before jumping to the ending directly, let’s have a quick recap of the film. The film revolves around the murder of a woman named ‘Summer.’ Police officer Tom starts the investigation of the case, and during the investigation, he finds out that Summer’s ex-husband is involved in all of this. The police track and then he was killed by Tom in an encounter.

When the case is about to close, Tom gets a Pendrive full of evidence that Summer’s current boyfriend ‘Will’ is also involved in her murder, and they are doing something illegal. Upon digging deep, they come to know that ‘Will’ is also involved in this. One day, Phillip gets into Tom’s house, and he gives him the Pendrive, and that Pendrive contains some really shocking truth. Tom gets to know that even his own police team is also involved in this, and even Tom’s life was in danger.

Who Killed Summer In 'Reptile'? - 'Reptile' Ending Explained

Later on, we get to see that ‘Will’ reaches Phillip’s house, and there he threatens Phillip to return the information that he got from his office, and then the screen goes black. Here, many of you may ask what happened to Phillip? Is he alive or dead?

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I think that Phillip is dead, and he was killed by ‘Will’ and his men to stop further investigation into the case. Phillip has some really confidential data regarding the case and illegal buying of Will, and that’s why ‘Will’ killed him. By the end of the film, we get to see that ‘Will’ is also arrested by the police, and there are high chances that he was arrested in Phillip’s murder, as there was no other illegal activity that was directly linked to him.

This was our theory about Eli Phillips in the Netflix original film ‘Reptile.’ What do you think about it? And if you have any questions related to the film, please let us know in the comments.



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