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Who Killed Summer In ‘Reptile’? – ‘Reptile’ Ending Explained

‘Reptile’ Ending Explained Who Killed Summer In ‘Reptile’?: Netflix original Crime Thriller film ‘Reptile’ Just released on Netflix a few hours back. The film is available to Watch on Netflix in Multiple audios and the film is trending on Netflix worldwide Now. Here we are going to tell you about the Recap and ending of the film.

The story of the film starts with a man named Will who is attending a business conference. On the other hand, we get to see a woman named ‘Summer,’ who is with Will in a newly purchased house. The next morning, ‘Summer’ sees a snake slithering in her house, and she calls Will to inform him. When there is no answer from Will, she texts him. When Will arrives there, he discovers that Summer is dead, and someone has killed her. Her body is found in the house.

Two investigative officers, Tom and Allan, take the case, and they begin the investigation. The forensic team finds blonde hair, some paint, and a video of a car. Tom tracks down ‘Summer’s’ ex-husband. When they reach his house, they find the same paint on his hand. ‘Summer’s’ ex-husband doesn’t cooperate with the investigation and requests a warrant and a lawyer.

A few days later, a man named Eli Philips tries to enter Will’s house. We also learn that Philips’s father died by suicide, and he blames Will’s family for it. Will informs Police Investigating Officer Tom about this. Philip is tracked and interrogated by Tom, but they find nothing. Upon investigation, the police also discovered that Summer was still in a relationship with her ex-husband, Sam.

The police obtain a DNA report that matches Sam’s DNA, and they go to Sam’s house. He tries to escape by snatching a police officer’s gun. Tom follows him and shoots him in the back. Sam is dead, and the police find a large quantity of drugs in his house.

When everyone believes the case is closed, Tom notices some tooth marks on Summer’s hand in pictures. He suspects there is more to the case but can’t find any evidence.

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Later, Eli Philips comes to Tom’s house and gives him a pen drive. Eli is arrested for intruding into Tom’s house. Soon, it is revealed that ‘Will’ runs a company that plants drugs in people’s houses. When they get arrested, they buy their houses at auctions at low prices and then sell them at higher prices. Further investigation reveals that one of Will’s friends is also involved. Tom visits Allan’s house to inform him of this, and there he sees the same car that was used in Summer’s murder.

Now, it is almost certain that everyone is involved in the case, and Tom can’t decide what to do. Tom goes to his senior officer and confesses everything. He hands over the pen drive to the senior officer. They both go to Allan’s house for further investigation, and Allan secretly informs Tom that the senior officer is also involved and plans to eliminate everyone. Before Tom can react, he is killed. Tom retaliates by shooting his officer and killing him too. Tom’s friend arrives at the scene, and Tom shoots him as well.

The film ends with the arrest of Will and his family.

Now, many of you may ask, “Who killed Summer?” Summer was killed by Will himself. He first kills her and then narrates a fake story to the police. It was a fully planned murder. Summer knew that “Will” and his team were planting drugs to trap people, buying their houses at low prices, and selling them for a profit.

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I hope this clarifies the story of the film. What do you think about the film? If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments.



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