Ramiz In ‘The Kerala Story’: Last but not least, the most hated character from the newly released ‘The Kerala Story’ is Ramiz. He was the one responsible for Gitanjali’s suicide and all other things that happened to her family.

Many of you have requested more information about him. Here, we are going to tell you about him and some of his details available on the internet. You can also check the review of ‘The Kerala Story’ for a detailed analysis of the cast, performances, and other aspects.

Jumping to the topic now, the names of the characters in the film are changed due to privacy and legal issues. However, in the post-credit sequence of the film, we get to know about the real-life character in the film. The real name of Ramiz is not revealed by the makers, but they mentioned that Ramiz has left India after Gitanjali’s suicide and is now living in some North Eastern Country.

The real name and image of Ramiz are not available in the public domain as of now. There are many media reports of the Kerala Girl’s suicide; however, the name and identity are hidden by the media in all those cases. Gitanjali’s parents are still fighting the case; however, no complaint or arrest was made as Ramiz ran away from India after those incidents.

There are chances that the government may open the case after the film due to public pressure, and we may get to know about Ramiz and Abdul better. But as of now, there is no image of Ramiz available in the public domain, and he is not living in India.

This was all about Ramiz in ‘The Kerala Story’ movie. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments. For more news and updates, stay tuned with us, and don’t forget to check ‘The Kerala Story‘ review.



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  1. Rohit Anand on

    As per me Government of India has to implement a new rule of india Any cast can’t convert into any other cast. When any citizen of India filing the form for any indian documents like Aadhar card or Any card They have to submit their parents KYC, birth certificate by this if any person going to update their name as hindu or muslim through their parents kyc it will get to know that particular peron belongs to which cast. If any cast want to get married with other cast no one can change their religion. Just like Jodha Bai got married with Akbar but after marriage she was hindu and her name was jodha Bai only for life time.

    If any person loves u truly then he or she has to accept him or her as whatever she or he is their should be problem with their religion if the person loves u trully. If ur love ask to to change then it means he or she doesn’t loves u trully

    • Sanjay Gupta on

      The film is not about Hindu or Muslim Names or relegion but it shows how they plan and Target anti Muslims and how a nexus works in this operation with proper modus operandi.

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