Abdul ‘The Kerala Story’ : Abdul was one of the characters in the film who played a crucial role in Shalini’s conversion. He was the one who came close to Shalini and then left her while she was pretending. Many of our readers were asking for more details about him, and here we are going to tell you about the same.

The name used in the film is a fictional name, but the character and the incident in the film are real, and everything that happened to Shalini in the film happened in real life to Nimisha.

Abdul claimed to be the cousin of Asifa in the film, but that was a lie, and it was a master plan of the syndicate to come close to Shalini. Somehow, he managed to do so, and Abdul and Shalini started living in a live-in relationship, and Shalini got pregnant.

Abdul then asked Shalini to convert to Islam if she wanted to marry him. Shalini agreed to that, and she got converted to Islam. As soon as Shalini chose Islam, Abdul ran away, and then Shalini was forced to marry Ishaq.

Now coming to the character of Abdul, the name of the character was changed in the film to avoid any legal consequences. As per the film and data available on the internet, Abdul is still living in Kerala, and he runs a pizza shop there.

As there is no proof or evidence against him, no complaint or case was filed against him. We are monitoring the news, and we will let you know if there is any development in Abdul and Shalini’s case.



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