Gitanjali ‘The Kerala Story’ Real Image, Story: The Kerala Story is based on real-life incidents, and the film mainly focuses on the characters and real-life events of three college-going girls named ‘Shalini, Nimah, and Geetanjali. We have already told you the real-life details of Shalini Unnikrishnan, and now we are going to tell you about Geetanjali’s real-life character in the film.

If you haven’t seen the film yet, please go and watch it first as there are spoilers ahead. One of the saddest and painful stories in ‘The Kerala Story’ film is the story of Geetanjali, who died by suicide in the film. She killed herself because her pictures and videos were leaked on the internet by her boyfriend Abdul.

The real image of Geetanjali was removed from the public domain after the incident. There is no picture of Geetanjali available on the internet or in any public domain. Now coming to her parents, they are still waiting for justice, and a case is registered against Abdul.

Geetanjali’s father and mother are living in Kochi, and you can also check their picture and video in the post-credit sequence of the film. You can also check our The Kerala Story Review and some other articles related to the show.

This was all about Geetanjali from ‘The Kerala Story.’ What do you think about the film and its characters? Please let us know in the comments. For more news and updates, stay tuned with us.



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