Queenmaker Episode 8 Explained: A political clash is happening and we also covered a thrilling Episode 7.As we continue with the episode-wise recap of the show, here is the Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explanation. You can also check Episode 6 and Episode 5 Recap of the show Queenmaker.

It started with a sudden attack on Baek-Jae, who was admitted to the hospital. Carl Yoon got his breakthrough when his team photoshopped the unknown man’s photo and pasted it near Kyung-sook. It was a perfect strategy and a perfect attack.

Kyung-sook tried to be nice and went to the hospital to see Baek-Jae and offer her sympathy. She said she would fight till the end and make people aware of the monstrous side of Baek-Jae.

Later, we see Hwang-Do go to jail to see the person who attacked Baek-Jae, where he talked with Carl Yoon. Hwang-Do was emotional about killing his father, while Carl said things are quite natural in politics.

So, both Hwang-Do and Carl Yoon are blinded by politics and have forgotten their human nature, turning into beasts. Kyung-sook and Hwang-Do are ready to fight with them, and Hwang-Do knows that Baek-Jae is a man who uses girls. They plan to find all the girls who were used by Baek-Jae.

On the other side, Char-ryoung has doubts about her husband Baek-Jae, and his secretary. The chairperson is ready to give funds for Kyung-sook’s election party, but she declines as the money is black money.

Kyung-sook talks to her ex-husband and Joong-seok too, as her plan is to become a policymaker. Hwang-Do finds out about a suspiciously erased CCTV camera from the rooftop, so they are looking at all the CCTV footage.

Hwang-Do went to meet Ji-Yeon, the present secretary of Baek-Jae and asked her why she took I-Seul’s belongings. Ji-Yeon said she got this strategy from Baek-Jae. Carl Yoon is intelligent enough, and now he wants to attack Kyung-sook’s son. On the other side, Ji-Yeon has the phone of I-Seul.

The man who assaulted Baek-Jae Min with a weapon is Kang. Reporters look into Kang’s home where they found he is a supporter of Kyung-sook. Media also revealed that Kang was served prison many times for attacking the chief of the Construction site. Interestingly Kyung-sook was defending Kang in the trial for his previous offense.

Yoon makes him more guilty by photoshopping his picture bear Kyung-sook.so They want to frame Kang did everything for Kyung-sook. Later Kyung-sook clarified that Kang was trying to attack the chief because the chief was stolen three months’ wages of Mr . Kang.

Ending: This is how Episode 8 ended. Things are getting more interesting, so let’s move on to the next episode to find out what will happen next.


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